One Stop Solution For All
Your Magnet Needs
Professional NdFeB Magnet Supplier and Worldwide Leading Magnetic Tool Manufacturer
One Stop Solution For All
Your Magnet Needs
Professional NdFeB Magnet Supplier and Worldwide Leading Magnetic Tool Manufacturer
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Magnet Factory Since 2005
Customized Magnet Assembly
Customized Magnet Tool
Custom Any Magnet Product With Your Needs

Your Expert Magnet Manufactory In China

  • 30 years of experience in NdFeB magnets
  • Supply permanent magnets for 10+ Fortune 500 electrical customers
  • In 2022, wmove to a new modern factory and more than half of the production lines are equipped with modern facilities
  • Long-term cooperation with China’s leading rare earth mines to ensure high-quality raw materials and competitive prices

Solid production capacity, can produce large magnetic assemblies with a magnetic force of up to 12000kg, such as Permanent Magnetic Lifers. The design team can design a variety of magnetic filter rods with a magnetic field strength of up to 1.6 Tesla.


More than ten new magnetic hardware tools are independently developed every year, and the magnetic force of the magnet is fully exerted on the hardware structure. According to customer needs, the most cost-effective budget can achieve functional requirements.

Dailymag Magnet Manufacturing Capability

Manufacturing Process

Selecting high-quality formula neodymium rare earth materials as the raw material that first goes through strip casting to produce alloy strips, which are then made into fine powder by hygrogen decrepitation and jet milling. Next, pressing and shaping it, and sent it to a vacuum sintering furnace for sintering. Later, various shapes of NdFeB magnets are made by machining. Finally, electroplating and magnetization are carried out. We package and deliver them to our end users.

Bemagnet Cpability


Factory have ISO9001.
RoHS and MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet for safety transportation) for Magnet and Magnetic Tool.
CE for Magnetic Lifter.
Wal-Mart certificated supplier.


Quality Control

Rare earth raw materials come from the top rare earth mining companies in China, the same supplier as Hitachi Metals.
Equipped with electron microscope to detect the surface of the magnets, and a flux meter to detect the magnetic properties.
Equipped with 1000kg electronic tension meter to accurately detect the tension of ordinary magnetic hardwares, and a 6000kg heavy-duty tension tester to detect the tension of magnetic lifters.

Quality Control 1

Latest Product We Make

Customized Solution For All Your Magnet Needs

According to your needs, we provide magnetic solutions. From permanent magnet materials to magnetic applications.

From single magnets to complete sets of magnetic assemblies, Dailymag provides you with professional design and manufacturing capabilities.

Customizd Solution

Applications Our Magnet Used For

High-end industrial manufacturing, large-scale medical equipment, cutting-edge research fields, fashion electronic equipment and more

Clean Energy
Wind power and solar power field
Industrial Fields
CNC, Robotic Industry and Metallurgical Separation
Automotive & Transportation
New Energy Vehicles, Electric Transportation
Consumer Products
Garden Tools, Auto Repair Hardware and Office Supplies
Medical Devices
MRI device, CT machine and micro surgical robot

Resoure & Guide

8th September , 2023

How Does a Magnet Work?

14th September , 2023
Gauss measures magnetic field strength otherwise known as flux density, usually at a particular point. The Gauss was an integral part of the centimeter-gram-second (cgs) system of units...
7th September , 2023
According to the magnetic strength and material, there are NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ferrite and Rubber magnets.
  • Bosch
  • Philips
  • Siemens
  • Walmart

Customized Magnet Solution

One-stop solution for all your magnet needs including magnet material, magnet tool and magnet assembly.

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