Is Aluminum Magnetic

Aluminum is NOT magnetic. It has a crystal atomic structure.

There are unpaired atoms in the metal but also have unaligned dipoles resulting in a feeble attraction to a magnetic field. Although aluminum is not typically magnetic it may exhibit low levels of magnetism when exposed to a high magnetic field.

Magnetic Properties of Aluminum

Aluminum Electron Configuration
Aluminum Electron Configuration

Even though aluminum is a non-magnetic metal. All metals display different levels of magnetic properties.

Three groups of magnetic properties include ferromagnetic metal on the higher side of the magnetic scale, paramagnetic in the middle, and diamagnetic metal which repels the magnetic fields.

Aluminum falls under paramagnetic metals. These metals contain unpaired atoms in their atomic structure. This trait is typically displayed in ferromagnetic materials and usually leads to attraction to a magnetic field.

Ferromagnetic metals typically are made up of atoms whose magnetic orientation and force orient in the same course forming a strong magnetic field. The presence of unpaired atoms typically strengthens their magnetism.

Although aluminum contains unpaired electrons it does not match the high magnetic attraction displayed by ferromagnetic metals.

Aluminum, however, has dipoles that orient themselves in the opposite direction. The dipoles that are not facing the same direction temper the effects of those that do. This results in a weak magnetic attraction that is typical in paramagnetic materials

Can aluminum become a magnet?

No aluminum cannot become a magnet.

When exposed to a high magnetic field aluminum may become a little bit magnet. If the field is withdrawn its effects are lost.

However, it is to magnetize aluminum by changing its electronic structure. This is done by passing a current through the aluminum.

Electronic current passing through it will generate its magnetic field. It will make the aluminum magnetic. Another method is to make an alloy of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt.

This alloy also referred to as Alnico is magnetic. However, under normal circumstances, pure aluminum cannot be turned into a magnet


Aluminum does not exhibit magnetic properties in its pure form. However, blending aluminum with other metals or elements can produce reliable magnetic materials.

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