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Dailymag Magnetic Gas Saver

Magnetic gas saver is also known as an LPG gas saver, cooking gas saver, or gas-saving tool. It is made to condition the gas before combustion. For that, they boost power output, lower pollutants, and conserve gas.

The tool has powerful magnets within that are in direct touch with the cooking gas. As a result, the gas molecules get more excited, which causes them to declump. Gas can be saved by up to 30% using this novel method. It can be used for gas welding in restaurants, automobiles, and homes.

Dailymag Magnetic Gas Saver Benefits

  • Boost thermal effectiveness
  • Reduces burner maintenance
  • Simple to install and requires no upkeep
  • Better efficiency, practical and stable
  • Prevents engine rust and scale accumulation
  • High-octane performance with lower-octane fuel
  • Decrease 02 sensor and catalytic converter wear
  • Helps pass emission test
Dailymag Magnetic Gas Saver Benefits
Features of Magnetic Gas Saver

Features of Magnetic Gas Saver

Dailymag magnetic gas saver consists following great traits:

  • Composed of long-lasting highest quality ABS plastic
  • It can effectively improve your gas mileage
  • 50% decrease in hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions
  • Eco-friendly with greater horsepower output
  • Allow better and quicker ignition

Wide Uses of Dailymag Magnetic Gas Saver

Our magnetic fuel saver has universal use, it includes:

  • Motors
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Buses
  • Scooters
  • Generators
  • Ambulances

Other applications are construction equipment, Cranes, Load trucks, Earthmoving equipment, trains/ Locomotives, auto rickshaws, gas cylinders, etc.

Wide Uses of Dailymag Magnetic Gas Saver
Easy Installation

Easy Installation

There is no need for tools or gasoline line cutting.

Install the magnet as close as possible to the engine.

The cab secures magnetic fuel savers in place.

How effective magnetic gas saving is?

The effectiveness raises to 50%.

Magnets linked to fuel lines have been claimed to increase fuel efficiency.

As motor fuels are non-polar, no alignment or other magnetic effect on the fuel is achievable.

Ordinary magnet devices have less impact on a vehicle’s efficiency or performance, according to tests.

Do magnets reduce gasoline usage?


Depending on the engine speed and magnetic field intensity, the fuel savings varied from 9 to 14%.

These values dropped when a magnetic field was applied.

The amount of fuel treated with a high-intensity magnetic field was less than that treated with a low-intensity field.

How does a magnetic gas saver function?

The magnetic gas saver is to condition the fuel before combustion.

It boosts power output, conserves fuel, and lower pollutants.

They also work on:

  • Can help burn fuel more effectively
  • Let automobiles get more miles per gallon
  • Enhance engine performance
  • Cut emissions
  • Air cleaning
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