Permanent Magnet Manufacturer

Permanent Magnet Manufacturer in China

Dailymag offers a wide range of permanent magnets that are available in different shapes and size options. We offer custom permanent magnets according to customers’ requirements.

  • Suitable for different industries including electronics
  • Different magnetic orientation
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Customized according to specific needs

Custom Permanent Magnets - Dailymag

Permanent magnets are usually made from ferromagnetic materials such as cobalt, nickel, iron, and special alloys. These are also composed of other rare-earth metals including lodestone. Compared to electromagnets, permanent magnets provide more magnetic field without requiring electrical power or an external magnetism source.

Dailymag has years of experience in manufacturing, designing, and engineering a wide range of permanent magnets. We offer custom permanent magnetic assemblies to suit different industries and high-performance applications. Our team provides turnkey solutions to industrial, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, and more applications.

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Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets
Neodymium (NdFeB) Magnets

Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets. These are widely used for hard disk drives, dentures, door catches, and more.

Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Magnets
Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Magnets

SmCo magnets are designed with wide temperature range, corrosion resistance, and excellent temperature coefficients.

AlNiCo Magnets
AlNiCo Magnets

AlNiCo magnets are widely used for different applications including electric motors, guitar pick up, microphone, sensors, bearings, aerospace, and more.

Flexible and Custom Ceramic (Ferrite) Magnets
Flexible and Custom Ceramic (Ferrite) Magnets

Flexible magnets are designed to be used for display advertising, crafts, business cards, vehicle signs, magnetic bookmarks, and more.

Custom Rare -Earth Magnets
Custom Rare -Earth Magnets

Dailymag offers custom rare-earth magnets that are less temperature sensitive, corrosion resistant, and different shapes, sizes, and thickness.

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Working Principle of a Permanent Magnet

Like other magnets, permanent magnets also provide a magnetic field that circulates in different patterns. The strength and size of the magnet are relative to its magnetic field size. To see a permanent magnet magnetic field, dispersing an iron filling can help. You can see that the iron fillings are oriented along the field lines.

Aside from that, permanent magnets have south and north poles. The opposite poles will attract each other while the same poles repel. These magnets are created by exposing the ferromagnetic materials to a high temperature and strong magnetic field. It is cooled and locked in with an aligned domain.

Working Principle of a Permanent Magnet
Strength of a Permanent Magnet

Strength of a Permanent Magnet

The strength of a permanent magnet is determined through the following:

  • Magnetic field strength or remanence
  • Coercivity or demagnetization resistance
  • Pulling force
  • Mega Gauss Oersteds or its maximum energy product value

However, a permanent magnet’s performance can be altered by temperature.

Physical Properties of a Permanent Magnet

Permanent magnets are brittle. It has varying tolerances and dimensions. These magnets are also characterized by different shapes including top hat, miter, arc, disc, square, trapezoids, and more. These are also available in bars, cylinders, or ring shapes.

To improve performance, permanent magnets are often coated with chrome, titanium, gold, rubber, epoxy, stainless steel, PTFE, nickel, and more. Thus, improving its resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

Physical Properties of a Permanent Magnet
Magnetic Orientation

Magnetic Orientation

Permanent magnets have different magnetic direction depending on its physical dimensions such as the following:

  • Axial magnetization
  • Oriented through diameter
  • Radial magnetization
  • Diametrically magnetized
  • Axially oriented through thickness
  • Multi-pole
  • Oriented through length, and more

Materials for Permanent Magnet Production

Dailymag fabricates permanent magnets using high-quality and licensed materials with premium grades such as the following:

Aside from that, we also have Inconel, aluminum, and steel materials stock for permanent magnetic assemblies. You can also request special material.

Materials for Permanent Magnet Production

Structure, Physics, Assemblies, and Applications of a Permanent Magnet

Physics of a Permanent Magnets
Physics of a Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets are structured with different physics such as the following:

  • Magnetic Field. It is determined by the magnets’ direction and magnitude.
  • Magnetic Moment. It is characterized by the magnet’s magnetic properties.
  • Magnetization
  • Modeling Magnets. There are two different magnet models including the atomic currents and magnetic poles.
  • Polarity. Permanent magnets have two poles including the north and south poles.

Our permanent magnets are designed to suit different applications including:

  • Microphones and speakers
  • Electric guitars
  • Generators and electric motors
  • Medical Equipment
  • Metalworking
  • Compass
  • Arts
  • Science Projects
  • Refrigerators, and more

Why Choose Dailymag as Your Reliable Permanent Magnet Manufacturer in China

Custom Manufactured Permanent Magnets According to Specifications
Custom Manufactured Permanent Magnets According to Specifications

We customized permanent magnet configurations, shapes, and special features. Our engineers can custom according to different requirements such as the following:

  • Complex shapes
  • Magnetic orientation
  • Special coatings and thermal stabilization
  • Material traceability, magnetic inspection, dimension, and other required data
Qualified Management System and In-House Production Capabilities
Qualified Management System and In-House Production Capabilities

Dailymag has custom capabilities and equipped with production as well as testing facilities.

  • Clean rooms, assembly facilities, and more in-house tooling
  • Fast lead time and customized magnet solution
  • Well-established Quality Control Team
Full Certifications
Full Certifications

Our factory and permanent magnet products are certified by international quality standards.

  • RoHS
  • DDTC
  • ISO9001:2015
  • IATF 16949:2016
How Dailymag Can Help Your Permanent Magnet Projects

How Dailymag Can Help Your Permanent Magnet Projects

We professional team to provide you the most cost-effective solution for your permanent magnet projects. You can guarantee the best prices, no MOQ, after-sales services, and customization.

What is a Permanent Magnet? (Definition)

Permanent magnets generated a magnetic field through their internal structure. The crystals and atoms of a permanent magnet have electrons. Its magnetic field is the result of electron spins and nuclear spins. The strongest magnetic field ranges up to 8000 gausses.

What are the Magnetism and Electromagnetism of a Permanent Magnet?

There are only two poles found in a permanent magnet, the north, and south. Static electricity causes a force to repel the magnets on the same poles and attract each other on opposite poles. Permanent magnets made from ferromagnetic materials are easy to magnetize. Paramagnetic materials are difficult to magnetize while diamagnetic materials repel external magnetic fields.

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