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Ring magnets are also known as Neodymium ring magnets. It is a type of magnet that is shaped like a ring or donut. The magnet has a hole in the center, which can be useful for mounting or attaching the magnet to a shaft or other object.

Dailymag is an expert ring magnet manufacturer, we manufacture ring-shaped magnets from ferromagnetic materials, such as neodymium or ceramic. It provides strong magnetic properties which make it useful in electric motors, generators, and magnetic bearings.

Our ring magnets come in various shapes, including circular, rectangular, hexagonal, and octagonal. Sizing options, materials, strengths, and other specifications are discussed below. Learn more about ring magnet and let Dailymag grow your business!

Sizes Options (OD x IN x T)

Here are some standard sizes we offer: 11.7mm x 7.9mm x 3mm, 8mm x 4mm x 3mm, 12mm x 2mm x 6mm, 14mm x 3mm x 7mm, 23.5mm x 18.5mm x 11.5mm, 6.35mm x 3.18mm x 3.18mm, 1mm x 0.50mm x 0.50mm, x 32mm x 18mm x 5.5mm, 50mm x 25mm x 10mm, 60mm x 24mm x 8mm, etc.

Dailymag Ring Magnet Strength

  • Strong magnetic field
  • Possess both a north and south pole
  • High holding force
  • Hole in the center allows them to be mounted
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Withstand high temperatures up to 180°C
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Strong wear and tear-resistance
  • Good anti-demagnetization performance

Available Grades for Ring Magnets

Dailymag offers ring magnets in a range of different grades, including N35-N52, SmCo5 and Sm2Co17, and Ceramic.

Coating Options

To improve the appearance and enhance performance, we offer several coating options for magnets including Nickel, Zinc, Epoxy, Gold, Black epoxy, and Parylene.

The choice of coating will depend on the application and specific requirements. Dailymag, as a ring magnet supplier, can help you choose the best coating solution for your magnets.

Neodymium Ring Magnet Uses

Medical equipment, sound, and audio equipment, mechanical attachment, science experiments, work holding assemblies, industrial lifting equipment, jewelry design, aerospace parts like actuators, sensors, magnetic shielding, etc.

Handling Instructions for Ring Magnets

  • Handle them with care as they are very strong and can cause injury.
  • Keep neodymium ring magnets away from electronic devices, magnetic media, and children.
  • Use proper safety equipment, such as gloves and safety glasses, when handling
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from other magnets or metal objects
  • Do not ingest or inhale it as they are a choking hazard and can cause serious health problems.

Custom Service

Dailymag can custom manufacture ring magnets to your particular specifications. First, you need to determine your specific needs and requirements for the Ring Magnet, such as size, shape, strength, and coating. You can also provide detailed specifications for your custom ring magnet, including any drawings or diagrams you may have.

We have a skilled team of engineers who can assist you in identifying the most cost-effective solution to meet your project requirements.

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Ring Magnets Advantages

Temperature Resistance
Temperature Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Easy to Use
Easy to Use
Affordable Price
Affordable Price
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