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Your One-Stop Magnet Products and Assemblies Provider

Dailymag is a top supplier of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, magnetic tools, and magnet products in China. We are committed to serving thousands of customers from around the world. Through years of experience in meeting customer’s requirements, we have established an unmatched customer service, quality control, and product designs.

With the help of our state-of-the-art technologies and production facilities, we are able to produce up to 1000 tons annual production. We also own more than 100 design patents and can provide large order capabilities.

  • Dailymag is upholding to Legal Certification Support
  • We can arrange your delivery on time
  • Dailymag is a Walmart verified supplier

As a trusted magnet supplier in China, we are well-equipped with advanced technologies for automated production. Among our production machines are automatic weighting, automatic feeding, automatic pressing, automatic jet milling, 100% automatic magnetic flux inspection, automatic magnetizing, and more.

We offer customized products that are available in different variety of grades to meet extensive industry requirements. Dailymag offers a wide range of coatings, sizes, and shapes according to your specifications. All our magnet products are used by diverse range of industries.

  • SQDP Service Methods
  • SQDP Service Methods

SQDP Service Methods

To fully meet your expectations, Dailymag is committed to providing SQDP service methods.

  1. Dailymag offers the best SOLUTION according to your specification and application requirements.
  2. We provide magnetic products with the highest QUALITY made from superior grade raw materials.
  3. Our team is dedicated to providing fast DELIVERY for stock and custom products.
  4. Dailymag also provides reasonable PRICES with no MOQ.

What We Do

Dailymag offers a full line of industrial magnets for automotive, home improvement, hardware, school, and more applications. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of magnet products such as:

  • Permanent magnets, pot magnets, pick-up tools
  • Rare earth magnets, magnetic hooks, welding magnets
  • Magnetic holders, magnetic lifters, magnetic base
  • Magnetic sweepers, separation magnets, handle magnets
  • Magnetic ball joints, rubber coated magnets, retrieving magnets
  • What We Do
  • What We Do
  • R&D Department
  • R&D Department

R&D Department

Dailymag has vast experience in manufacturing different magnet assemblies, tools, and products. We also have Advanced Product Quality Planning and Statistical Process Control so we can monitor the quality of our product.

We are also certified by ISO14001, ISO9001, and ISO/TS16949. As a professional manufacturer, we offer a quality guarantees, customized solutions, professional consultancy, and fast delivery to cater to your needs.

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