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Dailymag Magnetic Push Pin

The magnetic push pin is a type of magnetic organizing kit that is used in fastening items into magnetic walls and surfaces. A part of organizing essentials commonly seen in bulletin boards, whiteboards, magnetic boards, lockers, offices, rooms, etc. It is easy to attach and removed. This magnetic push pin is made from heavy-duty neodymium materials and is built to have strong magnetism properties. 

Dailymag manufactures a series of magnetic push pins with the availability of versatile designs, styles, sizes, and both solid and translucent colors, suitable for a particular use. All your needs are accessible to our factory. For your inquiries and needs, please feel free to contact us. 

Metal Magnet Push Pins
Metal Magnet Push Pins

The metal magnet push pins are a great tool for the school, rooms, lockers, and office since they are easy to hang, grip, and display. These sturdy spherical metal magnet push pins can be used as map pins, whiteboard pins, fridge pins, and more.

Magnetic Push Pin Tools
Magnetic Push Pin Tools

On a fridge, metal cork boards, metal file cabinets, and other metal surfaces, magnetic push pin tools can be used. They have a powerful magnet disc on the bottom and are made of colorful transparent plastic in the shape of a typical safety pin.

Steel Magnetic Push Pins
Steel Magnetic Push Pins

Strong magnets are embedded in the bottom, and a smooth, round surface allows for direct item connection. These handle-equipped magnets provide a strong adhesive force, are simple to hold, and have a sophisticated appearance. ideal for the workplace.

Strong Stainless Steel Push Pin
Strong Stainless Steel Push Pin

The neodymium magnet and stainless steel used to make the extremely strong push pins make them sturdy and long-lasting. The amount of paper that each magnetic pin can retain depends on the magnetic strength and surface roughness.

Neodymium Magnetic Push Pins
Neodymium Magnetic Push Pins

Neodymium Magnetic Push Pins keep schedules, reminders, and notes readily accessible. Use it on any metal surface, including, whiteboards, lockers, and more. These colorful, eye-catching, and enjoyable magnets also make wonderful presents.

Neodymium Assorted Magnetic Push Pins
Neodymium Assorted Magnetic Push Pins

The neodymium assorted magnetic push pins are extremely simple to pick up and use on bulletin boards, lockers, and other surfaces. Excellent in ambient temperatures up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit, with good resistance to demagnetization

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Magnetic Push Pin By Style

  • Transparent Plastic Magnetic Push Pin
    Transparent Plastic Magnetic Push Pin

    A powerful neodymium magnet, which has a very high force, is used to create this kind of magnetic push pin. The transparent plastic is acrylic (PMMA). The surface might be glossy or matte.

  • Metal Case Magnetic Push Pin
    Metal Case Magnetic Push Pin

    The metal case of a magnetic push pin can be made of iron, steel, or aluminum, especially if aluminum is used, and it can have a variety of colors according to the anoxic oxidation process.

  • Colored Plastic Magnetic Push Pins
    Colored Plastic Magnetic Push Pins

    Strong neodymium plastic magnetic push pins are available with Matt surfaces and eight or more colors. It can be chosen from the molds. Also, custom packages are welcome. 

Magnetic Push Pin Features and Benefits

Quality Materials. The magnetic push pin is made from the highest grade rare earth magnet material. Durable and reusable many times.

Multifunctional. It is ideal for posting papers, messages, notes, lists, photos, etc. It is effectively useful for holding up sign boards, and tarpaulins, scheduling, and tracking daily plans and project works. Also, this raises information visibility, especially in public places. 

Get Organized. Push pins with magnets are the easiest to use. That is beneficial in many ways, such as organizing all kitchen utensils, and personal items, like keys or jewelry, and is very handy for organizing tools in a garage. 

Strong and Heavy-Duty Magnets. All magnetic push pins have superior holding power. It is strong enough that easily support up to 16 or more sheets in any weight. Safe and does not create destruction in any walls.

Excellent Rust and Scratch Resistance. Magnetic push pins are plated with thick, sturdy coatings and polished surfaces purposively for rust and scratch protection.  

Easy Grip; Non-Slip. The magnetic push pin has easy-to-grip features. Its strong holding ability makes all hang items not fall easily. Also, it is quick and simple for rearrangement at any time. 

Flexible Designs and Sizes. Most magnetic push pin comes in different sizes. It has a versatile pawn-shaped-like design for easy attachment and removal. Aesthetic colors that create extra attractiveness.

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