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Dailymag Magnetic Flashlight Holder

The magnetic flashlight holder is designed to hold easily the torch or flashlight on machines, vehicles, and metal surfaces. This tool is useful for vehicle repairing, camping, barbeque, and machining enlightening. The magnetic flashlight holder is very strong and easily repositioned.

If you need a customized magnetic flashlight holder, Dailymag is your go-to manufacturer. Just send us your requirements and let our engineers work with your design.

Magnetic Base Flashlight Holder
Magnetic Base Flashlight Holder

Our magnetic base flashlight holders are a universal fit. They can hold a large number of flashlights or trouble lights.

Magnetic Flashlight Holder with Adjustable Clips
Magnetic Flashlight Holder with Adjustable Clips

Suitable for flashlights with 0.6″ to 1.6″ diameter. These holders can be positioned at a different angle.

Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Holder
Flexible Magnetic Flashlight Holder

Our flexible magnetic flashlight holder comes with powerful permanent magnet. These can hold flashlights diameter ranging from 1.00″ to 1.50″.

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Magnetic Flashlight Holder Features

  • Adjustable Angle: Dailymag magnetic flashlight holder allows the user to accurately position the light when needed.
  • Adjustable Clips: The magnetic flashlight holder can hold different diameters of flashlights.
  • Strong Magnet: It can guarantee a strong magnet to provide longevity and quality. The magnets are enclosed with rubber to guarantee no rust.
Magnetic Flashlight Holder Features
Wide Scope Application

Wide Scope Application

  • Fridge
  • Oven
  • BBQ Grill
  • Washer/dryer
  • Metal Sink
  • File Cabinet
  • Steel Doors & Shelving
  • Workroom Fixture
  • Vehicle, Boat, etc.

Magnetic Flashlight Holder Specification

  • Magnetic capacity up to 25lbs
  • Can hold up to 2 12” flashlight
  • 360° angle rotation, with locking knob
  • Vinyl coated grip to prevent torch or flashlight from scratching
  • Cushion magnetic base to prevent scratching painting surface
  • Weather-resistant zinc coating bracket
  • Foldable for quick storage
Magnetic Flashlight Holder Specification

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