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Dailymag Magnetic Tool Holder

The magnetic tool holder is an effective way of keeping the most valuable working tools orderly, visible, and accessible. It is assembled and completely filled with powerful magnetic circuits and heavy-duty stainless steel housing. Also, this magnetic tool holder has strong and permanent magnetism properties, beneficial enough to firmly hold any set of tools — from the smallest and skinniest to the largest and heaviest tools.   

Dailymag provides the best customization solutions for all magnetic tool holders. We have the highest expertise level in developing countless magnetic tool holders that obtain industrial standards. Different styles, designs, and specifications are available. Send us your inquiries now!

Dailymag Magnetic Tool Specifications

Product Type: Magnetic Tool Holder
Materials: Magnet; Stainless Steel and any kinds of metals
Color/Finishing: Black 
Maximum Weight Capacity: 120 – 240 lbs
Overall Height: 1-3/4 inch
Overall Width: 17-1/2 inch
Overall Depth: 15/16 inch
Applications: Hammers, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutters, axes, tape measures, iron parts, drill bits, and many more.
Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder
Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tool Holder
  • Fast versatile organization accessory. 
  • 20-lb per inch pull force.
  • Black powder coat with a yellow stripe.
  • An immediate place for screwdrivers, and any ferrous material.
18 Magnetic Tool Bar¸ Screw Mount
18" Magnetic Tool Bar¸ Screw Mount
  • Heavy-Duty, permanent magnet assemblies hold large or small tools and metal parts securely in place. 
  • Great for any home, kitchen, office, garage, or workshop.
12 Magnetic Tool Holder
12" Magnetic Tool Holder
  • Hardwood construction with two strong magnetic strips.
  • Come with screws that can attach to a bench or wall. 12″ long.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stable for industrial applications.
Magnetic Tool Holder 2 Pack
Magnetic Tool Holder 2 Pack
  • Can support up to 5lbs per metal tool.
  • Powder-coated finish for increased resistance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Removable and portable.
Magnetic Tools Holder Organizer
Magnetic Tools Holder Organizer
  • Suitable for securing tools and metallic objects.
  • Powerful rare earth magnets inside.
  • Durable magnetic strip is built into the tool holder.
Universal Magnetic Tool Holder
Universal Magnetic Tool Holder
  • Robust magnetic tool holder.
  • Hang holder easily on any service benefits—from powerful magnets.
  • This 400 mm magnetic bar is ideal for storing tools in a workshop.
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The Benefits of Dailymag Magnetic Tool Holder

The following are the comprehensive advantages of utilizing magnetic tool holder:

  • Expandable and easy installations to walls or workbenches.
  • Safe storage for all working tools and keep it perfectly organized in one place,
  • Perfect addition for any repair center, garage, workshop, or shed,
  • Reduces the possibility of losing some tools.
  • Making it easier in locating some tools.
  • Space-saving.
  • Get rid of messy workshops and toolboxes.
  • Frequently used tools are simply attached to the magnetic tool holder.
The Benefits of Dailymag Magnetic Tool Holder
Dailymag Magnetic Tool Holder Highlighting Attributes

Dailymag Magnetic Tool Holder Highlighting Attributes

We manufacture magnetic tool holder with explicit features:

  • 100% durable stainless steel construction.
  • Available in custom measurements and colors.
  • Complements industrial strength and sturdiness.
  • Has a versatile mounting flange that provides with a screw.
  • Durable coating finish for corrosion resistance and for preventing some tools from scratching.

  • “I highly recommend Dailymag for being the most trusted magnetic holder. They are the most respected and well-established company that offers the highest-quality and budget-friendly magnetic tools holder.”

  • “I never regret choosing Dailymag as my no.1 supplier for my magnetic tool holder needs. They never failed to impress me with their products as well as their professionalism in assisting and providing all  of their customers.”

  • “Using this magnetic tool holder from Dailymag, it makes things more easier. I never experience any troubles in finding some tools to use. Most importantly, they give me all I needed with my desired specifications which also surpassed my expectations.”

How Durable are Magnetic Tool Holders?

The magnetic tool holders are designed not just to hold light-weight tools, but capable of holding heavy-weight tools more persistently.

What Surface Coatings are Suitable for Magnetic Tool Holder?

Dailymag utilizes different types of surface coatings for magnetic tool holder, depending on the applications, it includes:


  • Has excellent resistance to humidity, moisture, and submersion.


  • The most frequently used coatings for magnetic tool holder.
  • Provides high smoothness, a shinier finish, and gives extra protection.
  • Ideal for interior installations.
  • Has a long-term resistance to moisture exposure.


  • Gives smooth and aesthetic attractiveness.
  • Has excellent conductivity and water-resistant properties.


  • High resistance to corrosion which makes it ideal for prolonged water exposure. 
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