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Magnet Button Manufacturer in China

Dailymag is a professional manufacturer of a wide range magnet buttons in China. We can supply magnet buttons for various magnet markets & industries worldwide.

  • Accept Customization
  • Mass Production
  • Offers Low MOQ
  • Competitive Pricing

Dailymag Magnet Button

Magnet/magnetic buttons are a type of button that is designed for clothing, bags, shoes, jackets, and for some DIYs. It can be made with different metal types and magnetic components. Magnet buttons have also various magnetic grades and magnetic performance. It is available for some coating options, shapes, and sizes.

Dailymag can produce magnetic buttons as per customers’ requirements. We can accept your specific sizes, colors(coatings), and styles. Any special requirements? Just inform us and we make the magnet button for you.

Neodymium Magnet Button
PVC Magnet Button

A strong double-face magnet button with a transparent plastic cover. It provides ease of sewing over a sewing machine. It can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Half Cover Magnetic Button
Half Cover Magnetic Button

Dailymag offers this half-cover design magnet button. Any material type, sizes, and coating are available. It is widely used for bags, jackets, trousers, jeans, shoes, and other DIY purposes.

Full Cover Magnetic Button
Full Cover Magnetic Button

A round shape magnetic button with a simple style but strong magnetism. Great usage for bags, hats, shoes, sweaters, jackets, trousers, toys, etc. We accept customs for this type of button.

Magnetic Glass Fridge Button
Magnetic Glass Fridge Button

This single-type magnetic button with a glass cover can be used as a fridge magnet, for home decorations, and for other purposes. The design of this button can be customized.

Hidden Snap Magnetic Button
Hidden Snap Magnetic Button

A magnet button with a strong magnetic force that perfectly fits some clothing and bags, especially purses and thick clothing. We offer custom thicknesses for these magnet buttons.

Magnetic Holder Button for Name Badge
Magnetic Holder Button for Name Badge

This magnetic button holder for the name badge is usually made with two neodymium magnets attached to the plastic or nickel-plated steel plate. Its sizes and thickness can be customized.

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Magnetic Button Coating

Why Choose Dailymag

Professional Customization
Professional Customization

After over 16 years of experience in making various custom magnets, Dailymag gained more knowledge and achieved the expertise of customizing magnetic buttons for various uses.

Stable Quality
Stable Quality

We are using high-precision production equipment on making magnet buttons. We also implement strict inspections and conduct testing on all of our magnet products.

Expert Production
Expert Production

We have more than 20 technical engineers and professional staff working with us. The high experience we spend on this type of business helps us to become experts in our production.


We are using quality materials for manufacturing magnet buttons. We can respond to our customer’s inquiries within 24 hours and we strive our best on providing quality products.

Quality Testing

Dailymag owns some assembly testing equipment, functional equipment, and other equipment for testing including:

  • ICP analyzer
  • Salt spraying tester
  • Oxygen analyzer
  • Tensile tester
  • Hast tester

In every process of our production, we have the related equipment to use for testing.

Quality Testing
Production Process

Production Process

Dailymag has high-precision technology. Our magnet products will be undergone some production processes such as:

  • Melting process
  • Jet milling process
  • Molding process
  • Sintering process

This process is important to achieve the best performance and functions of magnet buttons.

Magnetic Button Applications

Dailymag can manufacture complete types of magnetic buttons that fit some items including:

  • Bags
  • Hat
  • Sweater
  • Shoes
  • Trousers
  • Jacket
Magnetic Button Applications

Customization Offer
Customization Offer

Dailymag can customize any details of magnetic buttons. Customers can request us to manufacture custom magnetic buttons according to its:

  • Material type
  • Coating
  • Shapes
  • Sizes
  • Logos
  • Functions
Magnetic Button Shape
Magnetic Button Shape

As our company supports full customization for magnetic buttons, we can manufacture any shape of magnetic buttons according to our customer’s orders.

  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Plum Blossom
  • Custom
What is Magnetic Button?

A magnet button or magnetic button is usually a round-shaped magnet that is designed to use for bags, shoes, jackets, trousers, hats, and other garments.

Does the brass button magnetic?

Well, brass material is not magnetic. Like copper, zinc, and aluminum brass doesn’t interact with moving magnets. But mixing brass with other magnetic components made it magnetic. There are also magnetic buttons that are plated with brass.

Does the magnetic clasps snap button easy to Install?

Yes, this magnetic type of button is very easy to install and no tools are required. Just simply insert the prongs through the material, and then fold it over.

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