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Precast Concrete Magnet Manufacturer

DailyMag offers a versatile precast concrete magnet widely used as a commercial building material. Precast concrete magnets are used to secure various embedded components while the concrete is being poured. Depending on their specific application, precast concrete magnets can be divided into insert magnets, magnetic chamfer, and shuttering magnets.

  • Excellent flexibility and durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wide range of options
  • Can be customized

DailyMag Precast Concrete Magnet

Precast concrete magnets are also called magnetic boxes, button magnets, and shuttering magnets. It is a construction material used extensively in railway infrastructure projects, high-rise projects, and other construction sites using precast concrete formwork systems. This product has a metal body, a reliable on/off button, a magnetic system, and specialized adaptors. These components allow for quick operation and increase productivity when laying out and removing the formwork. Almost all precast concrete formwork structures and the construction of aluminum, wood, and steel shutters can be solved with a precast concrete magnet. These concrete magnets increase structural stability while saving money and lowering labor costs. They can be utilized hundreds to thousands of times in an application.

DailyMag can supply strong and precise precast concrete magnets for your business. Our team provide excellent standard production method and strict quality inspection, from material, function, and pull strength. We support OEM and ODM requests to exceed your needs.

Concrete Formwork Concrete Magnet
Concrete Formwork Concrete Magnet

Concrete formwork concrete magnet reduces the need for welding and protects the steel table from damage.

Concrete magnet for Plywood Formwork
Plywood Formwork Concrete Magnet

Plywood formwork concrete magnet is suitable for all kinds of plywood formwork construction with appropriate adaptor.

Corner Formwork Concrete Magnet
Corner Formwork Concrete Magnet

Corner formwork concrete magnet is very easy and convenient to operate onsite. High performances and a green commercial economy.

Custom Precast Concrete Magnet
Custom Precast Concrete Magnet

Custom precast concrete magnet according to your OEM design and sample. We can put your logo on the product, any quantity at a custom size.

Precast Concrete Magnet for Construction
Precast Concrete Magnet for Construction

Precast concrete magnet for construction offer superior durability, flexibility at economical prices. Available in custom coating and types.

Precast Concrete Magnets for Architecture Buildings
Architecture Building Precast Concrete Magnets

Architecture building precast concrete magnets are made from super strong neodymium magnets—Anti-rust, durable and functional.

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Precast Concrete Magnet by Weight

Precast Concrete Magnet Formwork Material

Precast concrete magnets are a practical and high-tech way to secure formwork to the casting bed. They are protected by an iron shell and made of neodymium rare earth magnets. Formwork is typically done with carbon steel. It is less expensive and has a better magnetic flux than stainless steel. The iron shell’s anti-rust treatment typically involves blackening. It is a typical technique for treating chemical surfaces. The idea is to create an oxide film on the metal surface in order to block out the air and prevent rust.

Precast Concrete Magnet
Precast Concrete Magnet

Precast Concrete Magnet Innovative Benefits

  • Installation and operation are both simple.
  • Made from super strong neodymium magnet
  • Reusable building component
  • Suitable for steel or wood formwork.
  • Positioning is easy and precise.
  • Latching magnetic capacity can reach to 450-2100kgs
  • Integrated threaded holes for form-work adaptation
  • Custom adapters are available
  • Free of screw, bolt, and welding positioning stage

Precast Concrete Magnets Wide Applications

Precast concrete magnet is used in a wide variety of floors, walls, and even roofs with much greater durability, flexibility, and economy.

  • High- Developments projects
  • Railway Infrastructure projects
  • construction industry
  • Machine Parts
  • Transportation
  • Decorations, etc.
Precast Concrete Magnet Applications

World-Leading Precast Concrete Magnets Manufacturer

Precast Concrete Magnet
Precast Concrete Magnet

Precast Concrete Magnets were developed specifically for fastening precast concrete formwork. This product has several advantages over the conventional method of mechanical fixation, such as high suction strength, simplicity of operation, compact structure, safety, and reliability features. As a result, they are increasingly being used in precast concrete production lines both domestically and internationally.

DailyMag is a trusted precast concrete magnet manufacturer you can trust in China. We have the rich experience and flexibility to meet your specific needs. Choose the desired type of magnet component and accessories based on your requirements. With our complete in-house production and techniques, we can custom your precast concrete magnet perfectly. Message us today!

Precast Concrete Magnet
Why Choose DailyMag Precast Concrete Magnets
  • One-stop solution that ensures the strong retention of concrete magnets
  • High-quality guarantee magnets production experience
  • Well-trained professional engineer and staff
  • Minimize the loss and damage, maximize the assembly speed
  • Standard production process and strict quality inspection
  • A competitive price but never compromise the quality
  • Fastest Lead Time
Precast Concrete Magnet
Structure and Elements of Precast Concrete Magnets
  1. Magnet on/off Switch
  2. Fixing Screws
  3. Strong Neodymium Magnet
  4. Iron casing protection around a neodymium magnet
  5. Plastic Casing
  6. High-Quality Spring
  7. Box Casing: Laser cutting process
  8. Stainless steel stud
Shuttering magnet: What is it?
How Does the Precast Concrete Magnet Attached and Fix to the Side-Formwork?
  • Pressing Plating
  • Step on Magnetic Box
  • Clamp
  • Frame
  • Wood Clamp
What are the QM & QC System of Precast Concrete Magnet?
  • Advantaged Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA) Error Proofing Process
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