Magnetic Spray Can holder

Magnetic Spray Can Holder

Dailymag Magnetic Spray Can Holder

The magnetic spray can holders are stainless steel racks used for storing and organizing spray paints. Other than that, it is also ideal for lubricants, cylindrical cans, and other small cans. Each rack holds up to 6 cans. Available in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Dailymag designed a magnetic spray can holder with either a magnetic mount or a through-hole mounting style. It can be affixed to different surfaces like machines, shelving, paint booths, and doors. They are easily movable, as needed. We have a comprehensive range of magnetic spray can holders to suit your needs!

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Dailymag Magnetic Spray Can Holder Advantage

Sturdy Construction
Sturdy Construction

One-piece, robust stainless steel structure provides durability and optimum strength.

Powerful Permanent Magnets
Powerful Permanent Magnets

Firmly secures can while enabling the holder to be fixed to a magnetic surface without slipping.

Easy to Attach
Easy to Attach

Simple to attach the accessory to any toolbox, flat, or metal surface. Your can is ready-to-use.

Good-Quality Finish
Good-Quality Finish

The rubber powder-coated magnets serve as corrosion, rust-resistance, robust and lightweight.

Dailymag Magnetic Spray Can Holder Features

  • Excellent for holding a variety of magnetic objects
  • Can hold cans with a maximum 70mm diameter
  • Feature rubber cover attached to prevent scratches and slippage
  • Strong magnetic back plate allows holders to stick to the surface
  • Top curved surface to properly accommodate cans
  • Stick firmly to roller cabinets, steel toolboxes, etc.
  • Built with dependable lightweight steel
Magnetic Spray Can Holder Features
Ideal Application(s) of Magnetic Spray Can Holder

Ideal Application(s) of Magnetic Spray Can Holder

  • Organizing and storing cans
  • Frees up space in drawers
  • Commercial and occasional use
  • Best used in aerosol cans like WD-40, spray paint, etc
  • Use to mount up to 8 spray cans and;
  • Screwdrivers to the side of a toolbox, service cart, and other metal surfaces

Magnetic Spray Can Holder Specifications:

Material Steel
Spray Can Capacity 2,3,6, or custom
Number of Screwdrivers Slots 5,7, or custom
Magnets 8
Dimensions (L x W x H) 300mm x 125mm x 130mm, or custom
Tray Dimensions (L x W x D) 210mm x 110mm x 126mm
Colour Black, Red, etc
Magnetic Spray Can Holder Specifications

  • “Well built, lovely and strong magnets; excellent finish. Very useful product for our business. Attachable to site-box. There are also space for a couple screwdrivers or other tools as well. Looking forward to working with you sooner.”

  • “Excellently constructed and powder-coated product at an excellent value. It is easy to mount to a tool trolley. Constructed of a thin, easily bendable material.”

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