Magnetic Pole Identifier

Magnetic Pole Identifier Manufacturer in China

Dailymag offers a sturdy design magnetic pole identifier.It consists of a bar magnet with painted Red and Blue poles on the north and south.Small and convenient for transportation.

  • Compatible with all magnet types
  • Indicates the magnetic field’s direction
  • Simple to use: point, press, and read
  • Available with extra batteries

Dailymag Magnetic Pole Identifier

The magnetic pole identifier is a fantastic instrument for determining the magnets’ poles. A tiny magnet that has paint on each of its ends is hanging. Free to revolve and is stored in a plastic housing. It is suitable for use during electric motors installation, performing magnet polarity tests, and more.

Dailymag magnetic pole identifier offers a quick, zero-delay indication of the magnetic pole. Simply press the push button to turn on the integrated electrical circuitry. It will instantly display LEDs to show the proper magnetic pole. We have a wide range of magnetic pole identifiers to choose from. Send us an inquiry today!

Dailymag Magnetic Pole Identifier Great Features

Ability to detect magnetic fields from a distance

Very useful for determining the magnets’ pole

Features ultra-low friction magnet holder

Easily locate the poles to handle magnets securely

Dailymag Magnetic Pole Identifier Great Features
Magnetic Pole Identifier Application(s)

Magnetic Pole Identifier Application(s)

  • 2D measurements
  • Coil testing
  • Magnet therapy and permanent pole detection
  • Packaging magnetic field detection
  • Checks for polarity following magnetization
  • Ideal for researchers, engineers, and teachers;
  • Manufacturers, science projects, and more.

Assistance with the Tasks Below:

Assembly of electric motors

Magnetic clamping blocks installation

Multi-pole quality assurance

Correction Analysis

Assistance with the Tasks Below:
Step-by-Step Magnetic Identification

Step-by-Step Magnetic Identification

The steps listed below should be followed to utilize a magnetic pole identifier.

  1. Simply press and hold the button with a black oval.
  2. Bring the detector tip up close and aim it at the magnet pole surface.
  3. The north pole is present if the Red LED starts to glow.
  4. The south pole will be shown if the green LED illuminates.

Your Leading Manufacturer in China - Dailymag

Dailymag is a world-leading supplier of OEM and ODM magnetic pole identifiers. We are involved in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of magnetic tools for 30+ years. Our high-quality magnetic pole identifier products are available at very affordable prices.

The tools come in all shapes and sizes for businesses, industries, and research organizations. The magnetic pole identifier is perfect for a variety of uses and requirements. Free samples are available. 24/7 after-sales service is also offered!

Product Dimensions: Approximately 5.6″ x 0.9″ x 0.8″ or custom
Product Weight: Around 31g with batteries
Item Display:  2-LED display (blue = north, red = south)
Sensitivity:  ±15 mT on/off hysteresis
Temp range of operation: From -10°C ~ to +50°C
Temperature for storage: From -20°C ~ to +70°C
Battery: 4 x 1.5V button cells
Available accessories: Battery and use guidelines
How does Magnetic Pole Identifier work?

As its name implies, the magnetic pole identifier is a tool that identifies the poles of magnets.

The tiny magnet in the Pole Identifier rotates if moved in close proximity to a magnet.

It maintains the magnet’s alignment with the magnetic field line.

How Should Magnetic Pole Identifier be Utilize?

The blue terminal point to the South pole of other magnets.

While the red one points to the North end of the other magnets.

Is the south pole positive or negative?

Well, it depends on the uses.

For example.

When used in magnetic therapy, the poles are referred to as being negative (-) or positive (+).

But, generally, the south pole is often termed as positive, and the north is negative.

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