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The pickup magnets are the most utilized elements for customization and optimization to their full potential. Most of this magnet is made from durable iron oxide with a combination of some zinc, barium, nickel, and manganese materials. It is formed into different physical structures, shapes, dimensions, and designs with a unique magnetic field.

Dailymag pickup magnets are suitable for use in loudspeakers, electric motors, guitars, refrigerators, etc. We have qualified competency in producing different types of pickup magnets suitable for particular uses. Different customization is offered at the most competitive cost. Inquire us now!

Pickup Magnet Types and Total Properties

Dailymag designs different types of pickup magnets. Each magnet type tends to create different tonal impacts, volumes, and frequencies:

Pickup Magnet Types Tonal Properties
Alnico II
  • Produces soft and articulated low ends
  • Enhanced mid-range
  • Sweet treble
  • Low output
  • Great for finger-picking
Alnico III
  • More treble and warm bottom end
  • Lower output 
  • Full mid-range
  • Soft high end
  • Responds more dynamically to picking attacks
Alnico IV
  • Tighter bass response
  • Brighter than Alnico II and sweeter than Alnico V
  • Excellent for true projection of resonance 
Alnico V
  • Generate lots of tight lows
  • Higher output and slight tighter sound
  • Sharp and powerful highs
  • Bright and glassy top end
  • Balanced midrange
  • Tight bass response 
Alnico VIII
  • Exceptional midrange
  • Smooth treble response
  • Strongest magnetic field
  • Fat highs and massive lows
  • Tight low-end
  • Quick bass response
  • Edgy and bright
  • Enhanced upper minds
  • Hard and aggressive harmonics
  • Compressed dynamics
  • Fast response for picking attacks
  • Punchy low-end

Pickup Magnets Process Made

The pickup magnets are made by following these manufacturing procedures. It includes:

  • Calendering
  • Casting
  • Compression Bonding
  • Extruding
  • Injection Molding
  • Pressing and Sintering
  • Coatings
  • Testing
  • Magnetizing
Pickup Magnets Process Made

Pickup Magnet Material Characteristics

Ceramic AlNiCo/Ceramic
Economical  Expensive 
Non-conductive  Conductive 
Typically used and universal Less used than ceramic
Harsh and loud sound Warm and natural sound
Easy to identify Hard to identify
How Long Do Pickup Magnets Last?

Pickup magnets are made from the sturdiest combination of materials and are built to last for over a hundred years without wearing out. 

Are All Pickup Magnets the Same?

Pickup magnets can be built from the different classifications of material grade. 

Each pickup magnet is designed with dominant property, versatility, and distinct capability, making them stand out and incomparable from one another. 

Every pickup magnet is created that suits its unique use. 

However, it is reliable for producing different volumes, sound frequencies, feel, and melodies.

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