Channel Magnets Suppliers

Channel Magnets Supplier in China

DAILYMAG is one of the leading channel magnets suppliers in China. We supply channel magnets in different designs, sizes, shapes, and materials.

  • Various surface coatings are available
  • Customizes according to your requirements
  • Optimal magnetic strength
  • For outdoor and indoor applications

DAILYMAG - Channel Magnets Suppliers

The channel magnetic assemblies are manufactured using magnets that are encased in a steel channel. Different types of magnets can be used such as ferrite, NdFeB, AlNiCo, etc. Channel magnets are commonly used for holding and mounting applications. They have either hole fixing or countersunk holes for an easy mounting.

DAILYMAG offers a wide range of high-quality channel magnets to satisfy various applications and needs. But if you require specific channel magnets, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have professional engineering experts, rich experience, and advanced technology that enable us to satisfy your specific needs.

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Permanent AlNiCo Channel Magnet
Permanent AlNiCo Channel Magnet

The permanent AlNiCo channel magnets have high residual induction and operating temperatures up to 550ºC. They are ideal for speakers, sensors, etc.

Neodymium Channel Magnets
Neodymium Channel Magnets

Neodymium channel magnets are used for mounting signages, door latches, plate holders, etc. They have two countersunk holes for secure mounting.

Long Neodymium Channel Magnets
Long Neodymium Channel Magnets

The long neodymium channel magnets have a maximum working temperature of up to 200°C. They are available in various grades from N35 up to N55.

Encased Ceramic Channel Magnets
Encased Ceramic Channel Magnets

The encased ceramic channel magnets can lift or hold metal items up to 100x their own weight. They are temperature-resistant and super-strong.

Channel Magnets with Countersunk Holes
Channel Magnets with Countersunk Holes

The channel magnets with countersunk holes are commonly used for mounting literature holders, signage, etc. They come in a variety of materials.

Block Channel Magnets with Countersunk Hole
Block Channel Magnets with Countersunk Hole

The block channel magnets with a countersunk hole are designed with a square base area. They are ideal for hanging up signage, tools, etc.

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Channel Magnets by Applications

  • Magnetic Tool Holder
    Magnetic Tool Holder

    Long bar channel magnets are used for holding screwdrivers, knives, metal parts, and other metal tools.

  • License Plate Holder
    License Plate Holder

    The channel magnets are designed with mounting holes to mount license plates on vehicles easily.

  • Sweeper

    Channel magnets can be used for sweeping small screws, nails, iron chips, and other small parts on the ground.


The channel magnets have many outstanding characteristics such as:

Rugged construction Easy installation Low maintenance
Durable Tough structure Reliable functioning
Dimensional accuracy Anti-corrosive nature High holding force
Stringently tested Greater pull strength Precisely designed


The channel magnets have different applications depending on their designs. As an example:

  • The channel magnets that have grippers are used in many stores and offices for holding tags and labels.
  • The 8” rubber-coated channel magnets are commonly used as a magnetic license plate holder on cars
  • The 24” channel magnets are ideal to use as a sweeper for cleaning metal chips
  • The 1” channel magnets that are designed with a hook can be used for hanging posters.

Designs & Features

The channel magnets can be designed with:

  • Hook
  • Mounting Holes
  • Threaded Bush
  • Loop
  • Gripper
  • Other features depending on your needs
Designs & Features

Your Professional Channel Magnet Manufacturer in China – DAILYMAG

DAILYMAG has been manufacturing channel magnets since 2005. We have a strict and complete quality management system, from selecting raw materials to finished products. Our raw materials such as NdFeB, AlNiCo, ferrite, and more have guaranteed quality. To ensure their surface protection, we used different kinds of premium coatings such as rubber, epoxy, nickel, etc.

All of our channel magnets are known for their strength and quality. They have been certified by many international standards such as ISO, RoHS, CE, and many more. We offer custom assemblies of channel magnets to satisfy all your requirements!

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Rectangular Pot Magnets
Rectangular Pot Magnets

Rectangular or square pot magnets are also a type of channel magnet since they have a channel-like steel housing. They are designed with countersunk holes to provide a place for screws. Due to that, you can fasten them easily on a wall. At DailyMag, we offer pot magnets in various sizes, shapes, and materials. We also provide custom pot magnets in accordance with your requirements.

Coating Options
Coating Options

Many surface coatings can be applied to the channel magnets such as:

  • Rubber
  • Copper
  • Ni-Cu-Ni
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Zinc

Various Materials

AlNiCo Channel Magnets
AlNiCo Channel Magnets

AlNiCo channel magnets are composed of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. They are commonly used for actuators, magnetic clutches, bearings, peripheral motors, and many more. Their main features include:

  • high residual inductance
  • excellent temperature stability
Ceramic Channel Magnets
Ceramic Channel Magnets

Ceramic or hard ferrite channel magnets are also available at DailyMag. They are a type of permanent magnet that has:

  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • excellent resistance to demagnetization

A variety of structures and sizes are available.

Neodymium Channel Magnets
Neodymium Channel Magnets

Neodymium or NdFeB channel magnets are a type of rare earth or permanent magnet. They come in different grades ranging from N35 up to N55. Also, they can be applied with various coatings such as:

  • Ni-Cu-Ni & Nickel
  • Gold & Silver
  • Copper, Zinc, and More

Skyrocket Your Business with Dailymag Channel Magnets!

Dailymag supplies the best quality channel magnets to all over the world. We offer custom channel magnets, prompt delivery, excellent after-sales services, and fast response.

What are the Common Applications of Channel Magnets?

The common applications of channel magnets include:

  • Blueprint holders
  • Banner and sign holders
  • Door latches
  • Cable supports
  • Vehicle license plate holders
In What Industries are the Channel Magnets Applicable?

The channel magnets are widely used in:

  • Medical
  • Motor
  • Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Electroacoustics
  • Other industries
What are the Common Lengths of the Channel Magnets?

The longest length of channel magnets is typically 609mm or 24”. The shortest length is 25.4mm or 1”. However, their lengths can be customized as per your request.

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