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At Dailymag, you can find a wide range of the best quality fishing magnets that are safe to use, super strong, and durable.

Dailymag Fishing Magnet

Fishing magnets are used for retrieving metal items that are lost or hidden underwater. They are composed of a strong neodymium magnet, steel pot, hook, and eyelet attachments. In addition, they have high pulling strength and are used for treasure hunting or magnet fishing in streams, lakes, deep seas, shores, rivers, etc.

Dailymag is committed to providing high-quality fishing magnets that can surely enhance your magnet fishing experience. We are also offering custom fishing magnets to suit your specific needs in your business or magnet fishing!

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Fishing Magnets with M10 Threaded Eyelet
Fishing Magnets with M10 Threaded Eyelet
  • M10 threaded eyelet & M10 thread
  • Has a pull force of 200kg
  • Adopts N35 magnet
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets
  • High pulling strength
  • NiCuNi triple layer coated
  • Rust-resistant
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets with M10 Threaded Eyelets
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets with M10 Threaded Eyelets
  • Two M10 threads and 2 M10 eyelets
  • 304 stainless steel eyebolts
  • Neodymium magnet
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets with M8 Threaded Eyelet
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets with M8 Threaded Eyelet
  • Rust-resistant and shiny finish
  • Has two M8 threads
  • With nickel coating
N52 Fishing Magnets
N52 Fishing Magnets
  • Increased adhesive force
  • Super strong N52 grade magnet
  • Smooth finish
90mm Fishing Magnets
90mm Fishing Magnets
  • 90mm diameter
  • Collision-proof
  • Strong bearing capacity
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Why Choose Dailymag Fishing Magnet

Premium Quality
Premium Quality

We only use the most effective and highest quality rare earth magnets to manufacture fishing magnets.

Various Coatings
Various Coatings

The fishing magnets can be applied with coatings such as nickel, zinc, chromium, white, black, or custom coatings.


The surface of the fishing magnets is plated or coated in order to enhance their corrosion resistance and longevity.


Fishing magnets are super-strong and have high pulling force. They can pull objects that weigh 120kg, 300kg, etc.

Fishing Magnet Production

Fishing magnets are created based on pot magnets. The magnets are either connected to the lateral sides of a double-sided pot magnet or the single magnetic side pot magnet. After that, they will be glued or bonded inside a steel cup. Then, they will be interleaved with a layer of epoxy.

Fishing magnets come in a variety of designs. Fishing magnets come in a variety of designs. As an example, double-sided neodymium fishing magnets are designed with 2 single magnets on each side to create a twofold magnetic force. On the other hand, one-sided fishing magnets are designed with only one magnet on one side.

Fishing Magnet Production
High-Quality Materials

High-Quality Materials

Fishing magnets are equipped with rare-earth or permanent magnets such as neodymium. Neodymium or NdFeB magnet is the ideal material for fishing magnets since they are the strongest and have huge magnetic force even if their size is small.

Additionally, fishing magnets have a steel cup or pot. The steel pot can double the NdFeB magnet’s magnetic force. The fishing magnets also come with a durable coating and stainless steel hooks.


Fishing magnets are used for catching, finding, or retrieving metal objects underwater. Others also used them for finding underwater treasures. They can catch items made from:

  • Iron
  • nickel carbon steel
  • aluminum nickel cobalt alloy
  • cobalt
  • tungsten steel

Also, fishing magnets are used in rivers, streams, lakes, canals, swimming holes, ponds, creeks, docks, bridge, and body of water. They can catch jewelry, iron objects, coins, keys, and other metal objects.


Wide Range of Fishing Magnet

Single-Sided Fishing Magnets
Single-Sided Fishing Magnets

Dailymag is manufacturing single-sided fishing magnets in various sizes, strengths, and colors. Single-sided fishing magnets are protected by their steel surface. Their bottom also has high pulling force. Single-sided fishing magnets are commonly used in:

  • slower moving water
  • bridges
  • lake docks
  • ocean piers
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets
Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

Double-sided fishing magnets are the universal magnet and most versatile due to their eyebolt that can be put on either top or side. They can give you the ability to fish in water that has faster moving and higher underwater inclinations. They have 2 mounting methods such as:

  • Dual-mount magnets – These types of magnets have 5 pulling strengths.
  • Side-mounting magnets – These magnets have an eyebolt that is mounted on the side so you can drag the bottom of the water body more efficiently.
360° Fishing Magnets
360° Fishing Magnets

360° fishing magnets have a surface that is magnetized entirely. Due to that, you can pull in items from all sides and any direction.

Compared to double-sided and single-sided fishing magnets, 360° fishing magnets have over 200% greater magnetic field since they have a solid and larger neodymium magnet. They have 360° pulling ability and will increase your chance of searching treasures.

Fishing Magnet Kits
Fishing Magnet Kits

Fishing magnets can be included with optional kits depending on your requirements. The kits contain:

  • thread locker
  • weather-proof and durable locking-hard shell case
  • magnets
  • rope
  • carabiner
Skryrocket Your Business with Dailymag Fishing Magnet!

Skryrocket Your Business with Dailymag Fishing Magnet!

Dailymag offers the highest quality fishing magnets that have high pulling force. Our fishing magnets come in a variety of strengths, sizes, and styles to meet various customer needs.

  • The fishing magnets from Dailymag is strongly recommended. Their fishing magnets have excellent quality yet affordable. Dailymag is also an expert in customizing fishing magnets exactly to your requirements.

What is the Best Magnet for Magnet Fishing?

The ideal magnet for fishing magnets is neodymium magnets due to their strength and pulling force.

What are the Magnetic Capacites of Fishing Magnets?

The fishing magnets come in a wide variety of magnetic capacities such as:

  • 80kg
  • 120kg
  • 150kg
  • 200kg
  • 300kg
  • 400kg
  • 600kg
What are the Diameters of Fishing Magnets?

Our fishing magnets have different diameters depending on what you require. Below are some of their common diameters.

  • 48mm
  • 60mm
  • 67mm
  • 75mm
  • 94mm
  • 116mm
  • 136mm and larger
  • Custom diameters
What are the Available Coatings for the Fishing Magnets?

The fishing magnets can be applied with:

  • Nickel coating
  • Nickel-Copper-Nickel coating
  • Zinc coating
  • Plastic coating
  • Chromium coating
  • White, black, or other colors you need

These coatings provide protection, corrosion resistance, and prevent the fishing magnets from cracking or chipping.

What Can the Fishing Magnets Catch?

You can use the fishing magnets for catching:

  • steel pipes
  • safes
  • bicycles
  • jewelry
  • guns
  • other metal objects
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