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The cow magnet is mainly used to keep the cow from hardware disease caused by cows accidentally eating metals like staples, nails, etc. This magnet can prevent hardware disease by attracting metal from the reticulum and rumen crevices and folds. The cow magnet extends the life of the cow when properly administered. It can also be utilized for 3D classroom experiments to illustrate investigations and magnetic fields.

Dailymag is a leading cow magnet supplier for veterinarians and dairy farmers. We used high-quality manufacturing tools and machines to produce mass production of cow magnets. Dailymag can customize your cow magnet based on your specifications.

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0.50-Inch Diameter Cow Magnet

The 0.50 inches diameter cow magnet is designed to prevent hardware disease. It is non-corrosive and non-toxic in use.

1.25cm Diameter Cow Magnet
1.25cm Diameter Cow Magnet

Dailymag 1.25cm diameter cow magnet is widely used by veterinarians and dairymen. This magnet is available in a bright metal finish.

Heavy-Duty Cow Magnet
Heavy-Duty Cow Magnet

Our heavy-duty cow magnet can guarantee superior strength due to the steel rings and magnets that are divided into segments.

Ferrite Cow Magnet
Ferrite Cow Magnet

The ferrite cow magnet is smooth, seamless, long-lasting, and comes with a rectangular shape.

Ground Finish Cow Magnet
Ground Finish Cow Magnet

The ground finish cow magnet is manufactured from alnico materials that can handle high temperatures.

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Cow Magnet Materials

Dailymag cow magnet is produced from the following materials:

  • Ru-Master5 Cow Magnets: This magnet is composed of a patented design that features powerful ceramic magnets. It has excellent magnetic strength due to the assembled power-enhancing pole pieces.
  • Ceramic Cow Magnets: Produced of strontium or barium carbonate and iron oxide.
  • Alnico Cow Magnets: This magnet is produced of nickel, aluminum, cobalt, and sometimes composed of titanium or/and copper.
Cow Magnet Materials
What is the Purpose of Cow Magnet?

The cow magnet is popular with veterinarians and dairy farmers to prevent cattle hardware disease. While grazing, the cows eat dirt, grass, staples, nails, and baling wire bits.

How Does Cow Magnet Work?

Farmers will place a cow magnet in the cow’s stomach to prevent hardware disease as a result of unwholesome object ingestion. Once entered the cow’s stomach, the magnet attracts metal objects and stops them from moving further through the body.

What is Cow Magnet Composed Of?

The cow magnet made of alnico materials is composed of cobalt, nickel, and aluminum. They have sometimes involved titanium and/or copper. The cow magnet made from ceramic is mostly composed of strontium or barium carbonate and iron oxide.

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