Magnetic Clamps

Magnetic Clamps Manufacturer in China

Dailymag manufactures magnetic clamps in unique designs and incredible performance. You can select your designs and specifications for your magnetic clamps.

  • Adjustable in all angles
  • Easy fit alternative
  • Does not attract stray ferrous materials
  • Automatic close lock

Dailymag Magnetic Clamps

Magnetic clamps safely hold the hose, cables, electrical conduits, and more to any structure. Installation is easy and fast due to its no-holes-needed features. Magnetic clamps contain different strong elements such as Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, and Alnico. It is guaranteed high quality and provides reliable performance.

Dailymag offers a wide selection of magnetic clamps. We are operating different tests to ensure that we produce magnetic clamps with superior quality. Rest assured, our magnetic clamps have passed international quality standards. Feel free to send us your inquiries!

Magnetic Quick Clamps
Magnetic Quick Clamps

Our magnetic quick clamps are versatile and flexible. It offers a wide range of applications in different industries. Performance and quality are 100% guaranteed and tested.

Magnetic Square Clamps
Magnetic Square Clamps

Dailymag manufactures magnetic square clamps that are available in various sizes. You can also order your exact size and designs for your magnetic square magnets.

Heavy Magnetic Clamps
Heavy Magnetic Clamps

Heavy magnetic clamps are capable of holding heavy equipment or materials. It can work up to 135-degree angles. T-handles are available for breaking magnets.

Magnetic Clamps for Welding
Magnetic Clamps for Welding

If you are looking for reliable magnetic clamps for welding, we offer you the best products. Our magnetic clamps come in outstanding designs and excellent features.

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Benefits of Using Dailymag Magnetic Clamps

Enhance Productivity: Dailymag magnetic clamps increase productivity significantly. It is time-saving and saves up some space.

Easy to Ground The Base: Our magnetic clamps’ bodies are not fully exposed making work easier and more efficient.

Convenient to Use In Any Surfaces: We produce magnetic clamps perfect for any surface. Plenty of designs and styles are available.

Easy to Use on Irregular Workpieces: Dailymag magnetic clamps can hold any type of pipes on irregular structure surfaces.

Benefits of Using Dailymag Magnetic Clamps
Magnetic Clamps Outstanding Features

Our Magnetic Clamps Outstanding Features

Our magnetic clamps have wing nuts for more secure holding

It can hold up to 50Kgs material

Dailymag magnetic clamps can perform up to 250 degree Celsius

Customizable according to your given designs

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