Magnetic lifter Leading Manufacturer

Magnetic lifter Leading Manufacturer in China

DAILYMAG has 16 years of manufacturing industrial Magnetic Lifters. We are committed to providing and supplying high-quality magnetic lifters to fulfill customer needs.

  • Zero Electricity Required
  • Ease of Operation
  • No Maintenance and Operating Cost
  • Full Proof Locking System

DAILYMAG Magnetic Lifter

The Magnetic Lifter is a substantial industrial machine that uses high-powered electromagnets to move steel beams or steel sheets with little effort and remote control. Each magnetic lifter consists of a series of neodymium cylinders or other shapes that have been pressurized to create a magnetic field.

Over the years, we have produced premium-strength magnetic lifters that operate with speed and mechanical efficiency. Dailymag has experience in providing proactive and forward-thinking support to our clients, leading to innovation and product development.

Dailymag promises that our magnetic lifters meet the requirements of international standards for a magnetic safety factor of 3.5 times and use premium N52 Neodymium magnets.

Magnetic Lifting Hoist
Magnetic Lifting Hoist

Dailymag magnetic lifting hoist is made from neodymium with solid magnetism and controlled by a magnetic switch controlled by a rotating handle.

Magnetic Lifting Crane Hoist
Magnetic Lifting Crane Hoist

Our magnetic lifter is proven to build steel projects more efficiently. It has a large U-loop shackle hook that allows for easy sling attachment.

Metal Crane Magnetic Lifter
Metal Crane Magnetic Lifter

Dailymag’s metal crane magnetic lifter can be used to raise any ferrous material, including rods, blocks, steel sheets, cylinders, and other magnetic objects. The unique design of the lever rotating shaft makes it easier to control the magnet lifter.

Heavy Crane Magnetic Lifter
Heavy Crane Magnetic Lifter

The Heavy Crane Magnetic Lifter comes with an upgraded chamfer slot for higher magnetic force. It’s ideal for lifting tools, equipment, and other heavy items.

Industrial Magnetic Lifter
Industrial Magnetic Lifter

The industrial magnetic lifter has a self-locking safety feature to prevent the handle from being knocked off during a lift. Our magnetic lifter has a strong shackle on top of the lifter for mounting the hoisting device.

Steel Magnetic Lifter
Steel Magnetic Lifter

Our magnetic lifter is capable of safely lifting materials made of block or round steel, plate steel, and iron material. It has a unique design with a rubber-wrapped handle for safety when using the lifting magnet. 

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Advantages of the Dailymag Magnetic Lifter

No Electricity Required
No Electricity Required

Our Magnetic Lifter helps you save time, energy, and manpower. During the lift, no power is required. It also increases work efficiency.

Durability and Mechanical Strength
Durability and Mechanical Strength

We designed the Magnetic Lifter to enhance working conditions and boost productivity. We are developing a magnetic lifter that is durable for long service.


The magnetic lifters are portable and efficient industrial machines. It is also convenient for getting from one location to another.

Meet International Safety Standards
Meet International Safety Standards

Dailymag has a proven reputation for providing high-quality magnetic lifters that meet international safety standard requirements. Our magnetic lifter received a good rate for capacity factor.

How Do Magnetic Lifters Work?

Magnets allow for easy retrieval of these forms from the system. When the attractions are turned off, the machine takes up most of the magnetic force it makes.

The magnetic field of these magnets is directed downward when “on,” drawing in any nearby objects made of ferromagnetic steel.

When properly configured, designed, and sized, these magnets can support 50 tons or more loads.

How Do Magnetic Lifters Work
Applications of the Magnetic Lifter

Applications of the Magnetic Lifter

Due to their many valuable applications and advantages, many conventional lifting techniques, such as slinging and binding, can be replaced by magnetic lifters.

There are many more applications where magnetic lifters appear than the ones listed here.

  • Warehouses
  • Transportation Industries
  • Factories
  • Docks
  • Mobile Crane
  • Roiled Strips
  • Fabrication 
  • Facilities
  • Construction
  • Machine Shops


ML100   7.23 Cylindrical Alloy Steel   < = 80 >=5MM
ML300   22 Cylindrical Alloy Steel   < = 80 >=5MM
ML400   22.05 Cylindrical Alloy Steel, Metal                                                                 Beaded   < = 80   >=5MM
ML400r   33   Round Alloy Steel   < = 80  >=5MM
ML600   45   Round Alloy Steel, Metal  < = 80   >=5MM
ML1500 87.5   Round Beaded   < = 80   >=5MM
What is the mechanism of a Magnetic Lifter?

Each magnetic lifter has a metal cylinder that houses strong neodymium magnets. These magnets face back into the lifter when it is “turned off,” absorbing much of the magnetic field through the cylinder and lifter. The cylinder is turned upside down using a handle to “turn on” the lifter.

What is the maximum weight a Magnet can lift?

Lift rating is the maximum weight that a lifting magnet can lift. Smaller lifting magnets have a lifting rating of 200 to 400 pounds, while others have a lifting rating of 6,000 to 13,000 pounds.

How safe is a Magnetic Lifter?

For optimum performance, the magnet pole must be spotless and smooth. No air gaps should occur between the work surface and the magnet. Pull out the lever and turn it on to unlock it. To avoid collisions and shocks, move the load slowly. Turn off the lever to drop the lifter material.

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