ISO9001:2015 Certified Management Systems for Quality Assurance

All our magnetic assemblies, magnet products, and custom magnets are certified to have high performance and quality. Rest assured that it can meet or exceed your expectations. Dailymag maintains a strict and well-managed quality system as a professional manufacturer. We are certified by ISO9001 for manufacturing, designing, and distributing of magnet products. Aside from that, we are also certified by REACH, RoHS3, and ITAR standards.

In-House Testing and Inspection

Dailymag is well-equipped with advanced technology and superior testing methods. Thus, ensuring magnet products and assemblies that are suitable for different industries to meet every customer’s standard or requirement. We have different testing and inspection methods such as:

  • Gauging systems
  • State-of-the-art inspection systems
  • Analysis tools
  • Statistical process tools
  • Advanced vision systems
  • Vibration, shock, fog, salt, cold, hot, and more environmental testing
  • 3D magnetic field mapping
  • Coordinate measuring machine
  • Electrical Characteristic Testing
In-House Testing and Inspection
outlook inspection

Quality System Audits

Dailymag assures consistent quality and high-standard magnetic assemblies by maintaining internal audit programs. Therefore, you can ensure that our quality management system elements are regularly audited. Our regular audit of the quality system includes the following:

  • Third-party registrar surveillance audit annually
  • Conducted a recertification audit every four years
  • Source inspections
  • Regular customer audits

Dailymag Critical Programs

Dailymag has a design review operating procedure to ensure that all our manufacturing processes, complex designs, and other programs are maintained. This program includes the following:

  • Concurrent engineering
  • CDR
  • PDR
  • Milestone approval
Dailymag Critical Programs

How Can We Help Your Custom Magnet Projects?

Through our ISO9001:2015 certifications, we ensure the best-performing and high-quality magnet assemblies for different applications.

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