Commitment for Magnet Quality and Safety – Dailymag

Dailymag is dedicated to providing quality services to provide customer satisfaction. We have full capabilities to meet customer’s requirements for a long period of time. Thus, achieving our company’s success.

By achieving this goal, we have developed a strategic decision to continuously improve our quality management system. Our interfaces and production procedures are well documented to control all our resources and processes in our facilities.

raw material property inspection

We have implemented a modern quality management system including continuous improvement, process approach, and customer focus. Dailymag assures effectiveness and transparency through regular external and internal auditing of our quality management system to meet customers’ standards and requirements. We are certified by the following qualification standards:

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • IATF 16949
  • EN9100
  • ISO50001

Quality Management System

To expand and maintain our market position, we are committed to providing our customers with sustainable and stable quality magnet products. We are establishing different core tools to develop sustainable product quality. Our modern quality management is considered the most integral processes parts. Below is the scope of our quality assurance topic:

  • New product processes and development
  • Transferring into production
  • Continuous production optimization

Dailymag is adhering to our principle of safety first in all production processes. We have complied with DIN EN ISO50001 requirements for the energy management system.  It is our responsibility to engage employees in global standard importance. Therefore, we have implemented environmental and occupational safety in every location.

Aside from that, as a commitment to providing sustainability production, we are maintaining operational and strategic goals. Thus, we are reducing resources used and impact on the environment.

Our Certifications

  • ISO9001
  • ITAR
  • RoHS3
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