Design Engineering for Magnetic Solution

Dailymag - Design Engineering for Magnetic Solution

Dailymag has more than ten years of experience in providing magnetics engineering design solution. Our full range of magnetic engineering support includes manufacturing engineering, design to cost, design & modelling, and more.

Our Wide Range of Magnetic Solutions

  • Subsystem Integration. We provide concurrent engineering so you can assure smooth interface points and integration to your system.
  • Permanent Magnets. For permanent magnets, we offer designs according to specifications, selection, and cost.
  • Finite Element Analysis. Dailymag offers finite element analysis to provide a magnet system’s performance model.
  • Magnetic Assemblies. Our magnetic assemblies services includes acceptance test development, design to cost, and design for manufacturability.
  • Electrical Machines. We are well-equipped with electrical machines such as CMI Integrated Technologies to design magnets with functional specifications.

Dailymag offers a wide range of custom engineering solutions and capabilities to meet your requirements. Contact us or request a quote for more information.

Manufacturing Engineering Services

  • Inspection Tooling
  • Design for production
  • Design to cost
  • Router and BOM control
  • CNC machining
  • Grinding programming
  • Assembly tooling
  • Assembly fixturing
  • Go/No-Go gauging
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small magnet grinding_2

Concurrent Engineering Support

  • Alpha, beta, and production unit qualification
  • Design process
  • CDRs
  • PDRs

Dailymag Quality Engineering Services

  • Continuous innovation plan
  • Action analysis for corrective, root cause, and defects
  • High technology quality planning
  • Development of acceptance test procedure
  • Testing methods for vibration, humidity, fog, salt, and shock
  • Exact method sheets copy
  • Assuring defect-free by in-process gates
  • Plans and control limit establishments
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