Plating and Coating Details of Different Magnets

Plating Type Plating Color Thickness Minimum Time PCT (Hours) Minimum Time Salt Spray Test Maximum Operating Temperature Characteristics Applications
Zinc White-blue and black 4 up to 10um 24 24 up to 48 hours 120⁰C One layer standalone coating Automotive and motor magnets
Nickel-Copper-Nickel Semi-bright or bright black 15 up to 25um 48 48 up to 72 hours 200⁰C Humidity resistance and cost-effective Motors, consumer goods, etc.
Silver Silver 10 up to 20um 12 up to 24 200⁰C Superior electric conductivity and resistant to wearing Electrical
Gold Gold 10 up to 15um 48 200⁰C Corrosion resistance, high hardness, thin gold layer Decorative
Copper Copper 10 up to 20um 48 up to 72 48 up to 72 hours 200⁰C Slight corrosion and abrasion resistant Decorative
Chromium Bright 10 up to 20um   200⁰C Oxidation resistance and abrasion resistance decorative
Everlube Yellow greater than or equal to 10um 72 up to 120 72 hours 160⁰C Humid and heat resistant Speakers
Epoxy Variety of colors 15 up to 30um 48 96 hours up to 108 hours 200⁰C Chemical and corrosion resistance Generators, automotive, or linear motors
Nickel Copper Epoxy Variety of colors 25 up to 40um 16 up to 30 168hours up to 1000 hours 200⁰C Not resistant to shock Generators, automotive, or linear motors
Parylene Clear color 3 up to 10um 24hours 150⁰C Lightweight and biocompatible Commercial, military, and aerospace industries
Passivation Light grey 1 up to 2um 4 up to 8 4 up to 8 hours 60⁰C Provides slight protection Encased applications
Teflon White Greater than or equal to 0.5mm 72 up to 120 Up to 120 hours 260⁰C Waterproof and chemical resistant Food and Beverage and Medical Industry
Rubber black 0.5mm 96 up to 108 hours 135⁰C Impact resistance, superior adhesion, and abrasion resistance Holding Magnets
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