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Dailymag Magnetic Nail Holder

The magnetic nail holder is also known as a nail guide or nail starter. It is designed to hold a nail while keeping a thumb safe from the impact point. The magnetic nail holder is a practical and affordable device for the clumsy handyman for safe hammering nails. This holder comes with a durable embedded disc magnet.

Dailymag produces custom magnetic nail holders as per customers’ requirements. You can send us your specifications and we can make a custom magnetic nail holder for you.

Easy Magnetic Nail Starter for Safe Nails Hammering
Magnetic Nail Starter for Safe Nail Hammering

This holder can make DIY jobs easier and much safer.

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Magnetic Nail Holder Function

To use a magnetic nail holder, the user can simply set the nail in the notch. Once the nail adheres to the magnetic holder, it can be hammered at the desired location with safe.

  • It can be used horizontally (on the workbench) or vertically (on the wall)
  • Protects finger and thumb from injuries
  • Very useful for children and less-experienced handymen
Magnetic Nail Holder Function
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