Magnetic Name Tags

Magnetic Name Tags Manufacturer in China

Dailymag manufactures outstanding quality magnetic name tags.

Our product features exquisite designs with typical styles perfect for any application.

We always ensure the strength and appearance of our magnetic name tags.

  • Works on all types of fabric
  • Strong magnetic backings
  • Available in classic and custom designs
  • Different material-grade options
Wooden Magnetic Name Tags
Wooden Magnetic Name Tags

Laser engraved with full color on the top layer. Showcases the uniqueness and classic style of magnetic name tags.

Custom-shaped Magnetic Name Tags
Custom-shaped Magnetic Name Tags

Experts in making fully-customize magnetic name tags. Can be in circular shape, or other shapes you required for your design.

Oval Magnetic Name Tags
Oval Magnetic Name Tags

If you are looking for oval magnetic name tags, Dailymag offers a wide variety of options. It includes a lapel backing pin or piece for fast and easy on and off.

Acrylic Magnetic Name Tags
Acrylic Magnetic Name Tags

Dailymag provides acrylic magnetic name tags ideal for company names, logos, employees’ names, and titles. It provides strong and reliable holding strength.

Brass Magnetic Name Tags
Brass Magnetic Name Tags

We are manufacturing magnetic name tags with brass polished. Shown with black print. But, also available in various full colors.

Metal Magnetic Name Tags
Metal Magnetic Name Tags

Our metal magnetic name tags are available in multiple sizes and different colors. It features designs that prevent slipping and prevent cloth damage.

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Advantages of Our Magnetic Name Tags

  • Magnetic name tags are easy to take off
  • Removing magnetic name tags will not damage the clothing
  • Available in two types: Engraved or printed¬†
  • Convenient to use and so simple
  • It will stick securely on any surfaces
  • Does not leave any snags or holes
  • No need of making holes or piercing
Advantages of Our Magnetic Name Tags
Full Customization for Magnetic Name Tags

Full Customization for Magnetic Name Tags

Dailymag is an expert in manufacturing magnetic name tags in full customization. You can send us your samples or required designs for your product. Here are some of our custom services for magnetic name tags:

  • Shapes and magnet-grade
  • Colors and templates
  • Sizes and dome covers
  • Surface coatings
  • Frames material and styles
  • Magnet Fasteners

Dailymag Magnetic Name Tags Features

  • Provides a strong hold on any clothing
  • Offers blend strength with ease of use
  • Contains indents that prevent slipping
  • Different colors and finishes are available
  • Reusable and has a long service life
  • Available in custom and stock shapes
  • You can add engraved text or logos
Dailymag Magnetic Name Tags Features
How do magnet name tags work?

Dailymag magnetic name tags feature a metal bar.

It is also equipped 3-magnet bar on the back of the tag.

The name tag’s metal strip is attached to the magnet.

Which is positioned behind a jacket, shirt, or other garments.

Very easy to use and reuse, and very simple.

What are magnetic name tags made of?

The magnetic name tags are composed of a resin-coated dome print.

It is inset on a gold frame, black frame, or a plastic silver frame that is attached to the magnetic fastener.

Are magnetic name badges secure?

Yes. They are secure because they connect by clamping onto clothing.

Just like most other pins do.

But, in contrast to pin backings, there are no sharp edges.

Wearing magnetic name badges poses no risk to one wearing them or anybody else.

How strong is the magnet name badge?

It is very sturdy. They can withstand five layers of clothes.

It can wear all day long without any problems.

Dailymag magnet name badge should stay attached throughout the day.

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