Magnetic Terms

Maximum Energy Product (WxH)

The flux density’s maximum energy product and field strength are important magnetic material qualities. If the energy production is high, meaning, the magnetic energy is also high. On the other hand, the higher the maximum energy product of a magnetic material, the more certain tasks will require a lower magnetic volume.

Coercivity Hc

It refers to field force that is important for magnetization elimination. If the coercivity value is higher, it is more resistant to magnetization.

Remanence Br

It is the magnetic material’s residual magnetization up to a closed circle’s saturation. Remanence is stated in Millitesla (mT), Tesla (T), and Gauss (G).

Operating Temperature

It refers to the highest temperature that a magnet can be exposed without compromising to its magnetic power permanent loss. The operating temperature depends on the dimensioning. Factors such as chemical or mechanical stress limit a magnet’s maximum operating temperature.

Curie Temperature

It refers to the temperature at which magnetic material loses its magnetism.


Magnetic Material Features

Magnetic Material Maximum Energy Product Remanence HCB Coercivity Temperature Coefficient per 1⁰C Operating Temperature Curie Temperature Density
Isotropic Barium Ferrite 7.2 up to 7.6 kJ/m3 210 up to 220 130 up to 135 kA/m 220 kA/m -0.20% 250⁰C 450⁰C 4.9 g/cm3
Anisotropic Barium Ferrite 28.9 up to 29.5 kJ/m3 390 up to 400 145 up to 160 kA/m 150 up to 165 kA/m -0.20% 250⁰C 450⁰C 4.9 g/cm3
Strontium Ferrite Anisotropic 24.5 up to 25.5 kJ/m3 350 up to 370 210 up to 245 kA/m 220 up to 255 kA/m -0.20% 250⁰C 450⁰C 4.9 g/cm3
AlNiCo 500 35 up to 36 kJ/m3 1120 up to 1160 47 up to 49 kA/m 47 up to 49 kA/m -0.02% 400⁰C 890⁰C 7.3 g/cm3
Samarium-Cobalt SM 18 SmCo5 140 up to 150 kJ/m3 850 up to 890 620 up to 670 kA/m 1100 up to 1200 kA/m -0.04% 250⁰C 720⁰C 8.3 g/cm3
Samarium-Cobalt SM24 Sm2Co17 190 up to 205 kJ/m3 1000 up to 1050 680 up to 750 kA/m 1195 up to 1500 kA/m -0.03% 250⁰C 800⁰C 8.3 g/cm3
Neodymium-Iron-Boron NdFeB 35 260 up to 285 kJ/m3 1180 up to 1120 860 up to 915 kA/m >=995 kA/m -0.13% 80⁰C 310⁰C 7.4 g/cm3


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