Magnetic Gun Holder

Magnetic Gun Holder Manufacturer in China

Dailymag provides magnetic gun holders in unique designs and structures. Aside from developing new designs, we are also focused on the quality of the product.

  • Simple and fast install
  • Excellent strength
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Works on all types of pistol

Dailymag Magnetic Gun Holder

Magnetic gun holder holds most flat-top guns. It has one-hand fast charging and concealed designs.  The magnetic gun holder is easy to install on any surface. Whether it’s on the car or desk, it can hold guns firmly and securely.

Dailymag produces outstanding construction and innovative designs for the magnetic gun holder. In fact, Dailymag magnetic gun holder works on all top gun brands internationally. If you have a specific requirement for your magnetic gun holder, just send us your ideas. You can contact us anytime!

Dailymag Magnetic Gun Holder Applications

We are developing magnetic gun holders for all types of guns mainly pistols such as:

  • Springfield 911
  • Glock Series
  • Kahr P40
  • Taurus 9mm
  • Springfield XD Series
  • HK VP9
  • Ruger Icp
  • Ruger ec9s
  • M&P Shield .45 ACP
Dailymag Magnetic Gun Holder Applications
Magnetic Gun Holder Features + Benefits

Magnetic Gun Holder Features + Benefits

With our expertise, we are able to produce amazing features for our magnetic gun holder. Here are some of the following:

  • Quick Draw and Quick Loaded– Our magnetic gun holders are ideal for compact, sub-compact, and full-size pistols. It allows a fast or quick loading system.
  • Premium Quality– In fabricating magnetic gun holder, Dailymag only use high standard and tested quality materials. We want to ensure the durability and reliability of our product.
  • Strong and Long lasting– Dailymag ensures that our magnetic gun holder is 100% guaranteed strong and capable of performing in harsh environments.
  • Discrete Low Profile– Dailymag magnetic gun holder has a low profile for discreet placement and easy concealment.
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