Rubber Magnets Manufacturer

Rubber Magnets Manufacturer in China

Dailymag is your one-stop solution for rubber magnet requirements. We are a certified manufacturer, supplying all types of rubber magnet isotropic or anisotropic magnets. Available in standard or custom designed according to your needs.

  • Have good antisepsis and difficult demagnetization
  • Excellent plasticity
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Used for precision applications

Custom Rubber Magnets

Rubber magnets are used in sensors, switches, advanced equipment, office appliance, motors, and more. They are anisotropic, flexible, supple, and elastic magnets. Created by combining ferrite magnet powder with polymer resin or synthetic rubber. They can be easily manufactured into a variety of shapes and sizes such as sheet-shaped types and band-shaped types. Rubber magnet products can be cut, bent, tightly wrapped, printed, or used in a variety of other shapes.

DailyMag is a trusted custom rubber magnet manufacturer in China. We can produce a small and large volume production of magnets, no MOQ, and fast lead time, at a cost-effective rate. Through sophisticated technology and advanced manufacturing line, our team can support various industries such as the factory equipment industry, office, and home, food industry, advertising industry, and more. Strict quality control, on-time, and strong delivery service.

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Custom Rubber Magnet
Custom Rubber Magnet

Rubber magnet is available in standard and can be custom in various thicknesses, shapes, and designs you required.

Flat Thin Rubber Magnet
Flat Thin Rubber Magnet

Flat thin rubber magnet is used in industrial magnets applications.  Available in brown and black colors, strip shapes.

Flexible Rubber Magnet
Flexible Rubber Magnet

Flexible rubber magnet is a soft type magnet used in printing, micromotor, toy, etc. It has a 3.9 g/cm3 density, high-quality material.

High Energy Rubber Magnet
High Energy Rubber Magnet

High energy rubber magnets come in sheets and strips, in a variety of precut and custom sizes to meet any customized project application requirement.

Neodymium Magnetic Sheet Roll
Neodymium Magnetic Sheet Roll

Neodymium magnetic sheet roll can hold approximately 40kg in a shear position. It has 210mm x 148mm and just 1mm thick, customized.

Rubber Coated N42 Neodymium Magnet
Rubber Coated N42 Neodymium Magnet

Rubber coated N42 neodymium magnet is an affordable, powerful magnet material suitable for home, office, or workshop applications.

Rubber Magnet Outlet
Rubber Magnet Outlet

Rubber Magnet Outlet low-cost extruded permanent magnets can be used for industrial and commercial, sporting, household, etc.

Rubber Magnet Strip
Rubber Magnet Strip

Rubber magnet strips provide superior holding power. Used household appliances,  stationery, water-tight appliance, and more.

Self Adhesive Rubber Magnet
Self Adhesive Rubber Magnet

Self-adhesive colorful rubber magnet features lightweight, flexible, and high-quality. 0.5mm thickness, great for shelf labels, refrigerators notes, etc.

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Rubber Magnet By Shapes

  • Custom 3D Rubber Magnet
    Custom 3D Rubber Magnet

    Custom 3D rubber magnet provides high magnetic properties, made die-cut according to the shape of your logo  or design.

  • Rectangular Rubber Magnet
    Rectangle Rubber Magnet

    Rectangle rubber magnet can be customized according to your specific requirements. Non-toxic, easy to process.

  • Round Rubber Magnet
    Round Rubber Magnet

    Round rubber magnet is a lightweight magnet great for school, home or office, etc. Offer excellent magnetic properties and higher working temperatures.

  • Square Rubber Magnet
    Square Rubber Magnet

    Square rubber magnet is a high-energy flexible magnet used to post important messages on refrigerators while keeping paper clips or small metal items reachable.

Rubber Magnet By Thicknesses

  • 0.5mm Rubber Magnet
    0.5mm Rubber Magnet

    0.5mm rubber magnet is processed using the pressing or rolling method. Soft, plastic, and flexible. Available in different shapes.

  • 10mm Rubber Magnet
    10mm Rubber Magnet

    10mm rubber magnet can be used for magnetic photo frames, car decoration, magnetic stationery, and more. Strong flexible material.

  • 15mm Rubber Magnet
    15mm Rubber Magnet

    15mm rubber magnet has strong absorption properties, powerful magnets available in rapid design, and large volume production.

  • 25mm Rubber Magnet
    25mm Rubber Magnet

    25mm rubber magnet features excellent flexibility and can be cut, punched, and printed according to client specifications.

  • 30mm Rubber Magnet
    30mm Rubber Magnet

    Avail 30mm rubber magnet from Dailymag. Largest-sized option of a square, rectangle, and round shapes. Strip or sheet types are available.

Various Rubber Magnet Types

DailyMag manufacture different types of rubber magnets.

  • Isotropic magnets – These are frequently used in daily necessities such as decoration, printing, toys, and family education.
  • Anisotropic magnets – Extrusion or injection methods are used to create these rubber magnets. These magnets are a popular option for numerous permanent magnets for industry and home appliance applications. It exhibits qualities such as flexibility, high elasticity, and machineability.
Rubber Magnets
Rubber Magnets

DailyMag Rubber Magnets Features

  • Higher magnetic properties
  • High stability and elasticity
  • Simple to process and adaptable
  • Conserving energy
  • Muffle sound and shock
  • Easily slit, punched, stamped, and laminated
  • Fairly stable temperature range
  • Effective demagnetization resistance
  • Sufficient resistance to chemicals, etc.

Rubber Magnets Applications

Rubber magnets are versatile materials that can be used for signage, fastening, printing, and holding. Below are some of the rubber magnet uses:

  • Fastening devices
  • Advertising specialties
  • Nameplates
  • Surface-mount signs
  • Teaching aids,
  • POP displays
  • Message boards, etc.
Rubber Magnets

Rubber Magnets
Rubber Magnet Sheet Material Types

Rubber magnets are manufactured from permanent flexible magnetic material that comes in sheet, strip, and extrusion forms. It is shaped into segments, cylinders, rings, squares, and other shapes.

Material Max. Energy Product
Isotropic/Semi Anisotropic Ferrite 0.7-0.8MGOe
Full Anisotropic Ferrite (High Energy Sheet) 1.1-1.4MGOe
Neodymium Flexible Material 2.0-2.5MGOe
Rubber Magnets
Rubber Magnet Sheet Material Thickness

The most common flexible rubber magnet material thickness range is 0.4-1.5mm. Thicker material is available in high energy. The greater the pull, the thicker the material. Common Pull Properties:

Material Thickness(mm) Pull (Gram/cm2)
0.4 19
0.5 28
0.75 44
1.5 140
Rubber Magnet Supplier

Looking for Custom Rubber Magnet Supplier?

Dailymag is a world-leading OEM and ODM rubber magnet manufacturer in China. Rich experience, advanced manufacturing technology, fast lead time and delivery. No MOQ, Free Sample, Message us!

Is rubber attracted to magnets?

Non-magnetic materials are any materials that are not attracted by a magnet such as rubber. They do not have net magnetic properties.

What is a Rubber Magnet?

A rubber magnet is an anisotropic, flexible, supple, and elastic magnet. Formed through combined ferrite magnet powder and polymer resin, or synthetic rubber. Easy to process into a variety of shapes and sizes according to the client’s requirements.

Can Rubber Magnets Be Made To Bend?

There are several different kinds of flexible rubber magnets. For example, flexible rubber magnets are sometimes sold in sheets. On metal cabinets, vehicles, doors, and structures, flexible magnetic sheets are frequently used. They can be made with PVC-laminated backing or adhesive backing.

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