Do Magnets work in Space

Do Magnets Work in Space

Yes – magnets work on space just as how they work on the earth’s surface.

We have explorers who have come up with some of the conclusions like magnetic gravitational pull or air may not be affected by magnetic properties.

Can Magnets Work in Space?

Since space exploration began, magnets have played a significant role in most research programs. Remember, the working process of magnets depends solely on the magnetic field. Where each magnet has these inherent properties.

Through magnetic fields, they generate “power” do handle many functions or operations.

Electromagnetics is one of the magnetic classes that can work without the help of electricity. Still electric current can run through one of the spaces and enable it to work.

Can Magnets Work in Space

Applications of Magnets in Space

We have different examples of which magnets might find applications in space.

1. Controlling Satellites

We have electromagnet coils that assist satellites by using magnet torques, which are used in orienting objects like satellites in space.

It can also be used to control attitude, and detumbing which support the satellites.

2. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer(AMS-02)

It is a state-of-the-art- that was launched in May 2011 by NASA.

AMS-02 was carried and mounted on the international space station and it has different roles such as detecting and providing information that enables scientists at NASA to learn about the universe.

3. Magnetic Motor

Magnets in Space is another application that was looked at in the memory system developed by MIT. The MIT was used for the navigation of computers by the Apollo II lunar mission.

The power uses magnets instead of electricity, and the use of magnetic energy expanded the reliability of made system.


Magnets have a lot of uses in space as explored by researchers. Magnets can work in space and can be used in different applications such as controlling satellites, The Alpha magnetic spectrometer, and magnetic motor as discussed above.

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