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Dailymag molded magnets are permanent magnets made using the injection molding technology. This method includes melting a polymer resin containing magnetic material, which is then injected under high pressure into a mold and cooled to generate the required magnet shape. Injection molded magnets are often made from a combination of magnetic materials such as neodymium, iron, and boron. Different magnetic characteristics can be obtained by varying the ratio of these materials. The resulting magnet can be shaped, forms and sized to fit a wide range of applications.


  • More versions are possible, such as NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico, and Ferrite.
  • Hybrid variations that combine one or more materials (like, ferrite+ndFeB).
  • Electrical conductivity and eddy currents are also low.
  • Better endurance and resistance ability.
  • Superb mechanical performance.
  • Superior structural preciseness.
  • Offers consistent magnetization performance and force.
  • Stable physical and magnetical characteristics.
  • Unified capability with other functional components.
  • Lightweight and cost advantageous.
  • Easy for handling and installations.

Typical Uses

The applications of injection molded magnets are further expanded in various industries– mainly in some automation equipment including sensors, motors, and all rotors assemblies. Besides, these magnets are produced for household appliances, printing equipment, consumer electronics, office automation, magnetic couplings, switches, and more magnetic components.

Industry Standards

The overall magnetic characteristics of the injection molded magnets are measured according to the standard of ISO 9001, IEC, DIN, EN, AISI, IATF,  RoHS, REACH, SME, and more.

Manufacturing Procedures

  1. Weighing of the Magnet Materials
  2. Coupling Treatment
  3. Extrusion Granulating
  4. Injection Molding
  5. Coating
  6. Magnetization Test

Custom Coating Types

Nickel: a durable 3-layered coatings that offers superior abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Zinc: a standalone plating having a good adhesion performance.

Epoxy: an excellent coating that serves as a durable barrier for both salt air and saltwater. However, this also required cautious handling since this coating can easily scratch.

Gold: has the thinnest coating results yet presents pleasing appearance, long-lasting protection and durability.

Silver: a decorative coatings that gives higher resistance performance.

Teflon: highly noticeable due to its resilience property and endurance to harsh environments.

Other custom coatings are available depending on specific application requirements.

Basic Specification Details

Shape: Customized upon request
Sizes: Customized upon request
Magnetization Potential: · Multi-pole Magnetization

· Thickness Magnetization

· Radiation Magnetization

Performance: 44-92 kJ/M3
Operating Temperature up to 180°C
Tolerances:  +/-0.003 in/in


Curved Molded Magnet
Curved Molded Magnet
Gear Molded Magnet
Gear Molded Magnet
Sphere Molded Magnet
Sphere Molded Magnet
Flow Twist Injection Molded Magnet
Flow Twist Injection Molded Magnet
Insert Injection Molded Magnet
Insert Injection Molded Magnet
Flow Propeller Molded Magnet
Flow Propeller Molded Magnet
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