Magnesium Magnet

Is Magnesium Magnet?

There are two fundamental things you must consider when evaluating the magnetic properties of magnesium.

Whether magnesium is attracted by a magnet or if it can be magnetized.

Ideally, magnetism is evident in the form of a force of attraction or repulsion. Of course, the electrons and atomic structure are some of the key fundamental aspects that determine the magnetic properties of metal. The same principle applies to magnesium.

Magnesium as Paramagnetic

Paramagnetic materials acquire weak magnetism in the direction of the external magnetic field.

Ideally, this is what happens when you subject magnesium to a magnetic field. Magnesium will acquire weak magnetism in the direction of the magnetizing field.

Of course, magnesium’s behavior is attributed to the positively charged valence electrons. Since they tend to spin, there is a tendency to develop forces of attraction.

Usually, this is a common phenomenon in most paramagnetic materials like magnesium.

Again, you should remember that the paramagnetic properties are only evident when you subject magnesium to an external magnetic field. However, once you remove the magnetic field, the magnesium cannot retain the weak magnetic properties. So, it is not strongly magnetically active.

Is Magnesium a Magnet?

No – Magnesium is a non-magnetic material.

That is to say, magnesium does not:

  • Cannot be magnetized to form a permanent magnet
  • It cannot interact with magnets without a strong magnetic field

Therefore, we can confidently rule out that magnesium is not a ferromagnetic material. That is to say, magnesium does not have intrinsic magnetic properties.

That is, pure magnesium does not have unpaired electrons that can create a magnetic moment.

Are Magnesium Alloys Magnetic?

If you alloy magnesium with other ferromagnetic materials, then definitely it will have some magnetic properties.

For instance, you may mix magnesium with certain rare-earth metals to make magnetic parts. Ideally, whether a magnesium alloy behaves as a magnet or becomes a magnet will depend on the alloying materials.

Uses of Magnesium as a Non-magnetic Material

Since magnesium is not a magnet, you may use the material in many applications. Remember, apart from being a non-magnetic material, magnesium is known for its high strength and lightweight.

This makes magnesium a perfect material for:

  • Laptop parts
  • Cameras
  • Power tools
  • Luggage
  • Fireworks and flares

In short, magnesium is a non-magnetic material. However, it belongs to the category of paramagnetic materials.

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