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Dailymag Magnet Attractor

The magnetic attractor is ideal for retrieving different items namely nails, staples, and more. Edges of the magnet are most concentrated for maximum grabbing. It features permanent charges and never loses magnetism. A magnetic attractor can hoist metal pieces onto its lower end.

Dailymag manufactures all types of magnetic attractors including custom designs. We can create your ideal magnetic attractor according to your requirements. You can order small to large quantities for this magnet. This magnetic attractor has a high lifting capacity.

Double-sided Magnetic attractor
Double-sided Magnetic attractor

Dailymag manufactures double-sided magnetic attractors with long-lasting performance. It is made from different high-quality materials that feature durability.

150 lbs. Magnetic Attractor
150 lbs. Magnetic Attractor

We are creating a magnetic attractor with 150 lbs grabbing capacity. When use in places where electricity is exposed, wooden handles are available to avoid accidents. Comes in different dimensions and features.

300 lbs. Magnetic Attractor with Ring
300 lbs. Magnetic Attractor with Ring

We have a magnetic attractor with a ring able to hold up to 300 lbs. This magnet is ideal for industries where large magnets are needed. Both standard and custom designs are available.

90mm Strong Magnetic Attractor
90mm Strong Magnetic Attractor

If you are looking for a large magnetic attractor, we are offering a 90mm strong magnetic attractor. It is capable of holding large metal pieces for a longer period.

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Our Magnetic Attractor Features

100% guaranteed with permanent magnetism

Suitable for retrieving metals in more confined spaces

Capable of holding small to large objects longer

Our magnetic attractor is environmental-friendly

Available in wooden handles, metal handles, and more

Our Magnetic Attractor Features
Dailymag Magnetic Attractor Application

Dailymag Magnetic Attractor Application

Our magnetic attractor has a wide range of applications. Here are some of the industries where magnetic attractor is used:

  • Commercial use
  • Industrial use
  • Mechanical industries
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical industries

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