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Dailymag - Magnetic Can Opener Manufacturer in China

Dailymag is a professional manufacturer of magnetic can openers for almost a decade. We have always stood for the value, quality, and durability of every magnetic can opener.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Wide rotating handle
  • Easy to operate

Dailymag Magnetic Can Opener

A magnetic can opener refers to a kitchen device known for use in opening metal cans. That specialized has built-in magnets capable of keeping the can lid from falling. Its extra strong magnetic features are an efficient solution for safety that prevents physical contact with the can’s sharp lids. This offers a great advantage for a more effortless, fast, and easier can opening. 

This magnetic can opener is applicable for versatile uses. It is lightweight and brings lots of conveniences while utilizing it during traveling, camping, or at parties. Dailymag is always acknowledged for its high-quality value and cost-effective magnetic products. All magnetic can openers can be custom-made produced and built to the highest standard.

Magnetic Stainless Steel Can Opener
Magnetic Stainless Steel Can Opener

Magnetic stainless steel can opener can use effortlessly. An absolute must in any household, our can opener is a durable and effective kitchen tool for everyday use.

Good Grips Magnetic Can Opener
Good Grips Magnetic Can Opener

Good grips magnetic can opener is a soft, ergonomic handle that fits securely. Sharp blades and flexible gear perfectly complement one another, allowing for smooth turns and successful lid cutting.

Multifunction Manual Magnetic Can Opener
Multifunction Manual Magnetic Can Opener

When using a multifunction manual magnetic, the sharp can lid can be removed without touching anything and thrown directly into the trash without risk of injury.

Soft-handle Magnetic Can Opener
Soft-handle Magnetic Can Opener

Soft-handle magnetic can opener goes easy on the hands when turning. The sharp, hardened stainless steel cutting wheel turns smoothly and retains a sharp edge. 

Manual Magnet Openers Smooth Edge
Manual Magnet Openers Smooth Edge

Manual magnet openers’ smooth edges can also serve as bottle openers. It can be magnetically attracted to the refrigerator or just hung on the hook for easy storage.

Magnetic Locking Can Opener Good Grips
Magnetic Locking Can Opener Good Grips

Magnetic locking can opener good grips features cushioned, non-slip handles to lock shut to hold the can securely, while a soft turning knob makes it comfortable and easy to use. 

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Magnetic Can Opener Highlight Features

Our magnetic can opener is suitable to use for opening any shape, size, and type of can. Custom-made styles that are suitable for personal use, special events, business, etc. Moreover, we manufacture magnetic can opener that contains plenty of features that include:

  • Compact and easy to keep in any storing drawers.
  • User-friendly and safe.
  • Made from stainless steel metal and built that lasts for a life-time.
  • Coated with durable rust-proof materials.
  • Creates smooth lid cutting, without leaving any jagged edges inside the can.
  • Comes with ergonomic handles that are non-slip and perfectly befitted to the hand giving a comfortable gripping.
  • Its built-in magnet is not only for lid retrieval but also functional as storing tool by sticking it to the fridges.
  • Applicable for handwashing.
Magnetic Can Opener Highlight Features
Magnetic Can Opener Offers Advanced Benefits

Magnetic Can Opener Offers Advanced Benefits

Lid Lifter with Strong Magnet: No-problem lid lift with a strong magnet, flexible gear, and sharp blade work in perfect harmony.

Rust-Resistant Design: Cleaned easily and protected from rust. Simply rinse with water and let air dry.

Easily Stored: The opener has a hanging hole that may be used to hang it up on the wall when not in use.

Convenient to Use: Soft rubber covers both the handles and the turn knob, making them both feel really comfortable to grip in the hand.

Dailymag Lifetime Service Advantage

Dailymag is dedicated to producing innovative and highly functional magnetic can openers with our own conceptual designs. All products undergo professional workmanship and guarantee defect-free quality and results. 

Since our establishment, Dailymag offers countless services for magnetic can opener which beneficially contributes to your projects and businesses.

  • Exceptional Creativeness and Expertise
  • OEM and ODM Magnetic Assemblies
  • Materials Selection
  • Free Sample Design
  • High Level Manufacturing Ability
  • Advanced CNC Machine and Equipments
  • Complete In-House Facilities
  • Full Legal Certifications
  • Professional After-Sale Services
  • Effective Product Packaging and Fast Delivery Services
Dailymag Lifetime Service Advantage
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