Dailymag - Magnetic Door Lock Manufacturer in China

Dailymag offers a wide range of high-quality magnetic door locks, compatible with domestic, commercial, or industrial applications.

  • Low power consumption.
  • Super quiet design, no noise during operation.
  • Comply with environmental protection requirements.
  • Anti-magnetic design, wear-resistant material manufacturing.

Dailymag Magnetic Door Lock

A magnetic door lock is a form of security device that uses strong magnet components. That is mostly made up of an electromagnet and an armature plate. It is a highly advantageous and reliable lock for providing tight security and safety for all public or private properties. With its strong magnetic ability, this magnetic door lock closes doors automatically and ensures that it is completely and securely shut. 

Dailymag manufactured all types of magnetic door locks with superior features and appearance. All products are available for your needs and economically cost-effective, perfect enough for your construction projects and improvements. Get yours now!

Electro Magnetic Lock for Door Access Control
Electro Magnetic Lock for Door Access Control
  • Collinear load test 280kg, 600pounds.
  • Anti-residual magnetism designed.
  • High-strength material, anodized aluminum housing.
Electro Magnetic Door Lock
Electro Magnetic Door Lock
  • Good quality and durable to use.
  • Can be opened by push button, remote controller, etc.
  • Fit for wooden doors, metal doors, glass doors, fireproof doors, etc.
Slimline Magnetic Door Lock Brackets
Slimline Magnetic Door Lock Brackets
  • Versatile bracket kit for the Slimline maglock range.
  • Magnetic door lock maglock Z and L bracket kit.
Hanging Type Magnetic Door Lock System
Hanging Type Magnetic Door Lock System
  • A hanging type magnetic door locks has a high strength materials and easy installation.
  • Operating voltage 12Vdc /24Vdc selectable providing versatile installation options.
Electromagnetic Slim Door Locks
Electromagnetic Slim Door Locks
  • Electromagnetic door locks are reliable because they do not have any moving parts.
  • Slimline design allows the device to be installed in a wide range of applications.
Electromagnetic Lock for Double Door Mag Locks
Electromagnetic Lock for Double Door Mag Locks
  • Double door electromagnetic lock 280Kg/600lbs holding force.
  • Use magnetic power to lock the double doors for magnet access control.
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Magnetic Door Lock By Features

  • 600lb Holding Force Magnetic Door Lock
    600lb Holding Force Magnetic Door Lock

    – Operating voltage: 12 or 24Vdc.

    – Aluminum construction.

    – Current draw: 500mA at 12Vdc 250mA at 24Vdc (at temperature 20 °C).

  • 1200lb Holding Force Magnetic Door Lock
    1200lb Holding Force Magnetic Door Lock

    – Operating voltage 12 VDC.

    – Aluminum construction.

    – Current draw: 500mA at 12 V DC (at 20 °C).

  • 180KG/350Lbs Electromagnetic Lock
    180KG/350LBS Electromagnetic Lock

    – DC 12V Holding Force .

    – Various unlocking function options: keys, manual, remote control, intelligent induction, and so on.

  • 300KG Electromagnetic Magnetic Door Locks
    300KG Electromagnetic Magnetic Door Locks

    – Suction cup 12VDC flush fitting electromagnetic lock.

    – Aluminum construction offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

Suitable Applications for Magnetic Door Lock

The magnetic door lock offers perfect solutions for some situations requiring a high level of security. This is also suitable for some areas where doors are needed to be automatically closed. Some examples are:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Offices 
  • Industrial premises
  • Residential doors

On the other hand, a magnetic door lock is also a flexible option for commercial buildings. The following are known applications where most magnetic door locks are commonly seen to be used and installed:

  • Glass doors, single and double doors, and automatic swing and sliding doors.

For fail-safe applications;

  • Emergency exits, delayed egress, and controlled egress doors.
Comprehensive Qualities

Comprehensive Qualities

Dailymag manufactures magnetic door locks with different outstanding qualities:

  • Suitable for all door types
  • Anti-residual magnetism designed
  • Built from high-strength materials
  • Produced with high precision and without mechanical failure
  • Excellent magnetic and holding force
  • ISO and CE certificates approved
  • Comes in 300lbs, 600lbs, and 1200lbs holding capacity
  • Simple functionality

Why Choose Dailymag?

At Dailymag, we guarantee:

  • Years of Manufacturing Expertise
  • High-Quality Product for Only Low Pricing
  • Worldwide Shipment
  • Free Sample Design
  • Free Product Demonstrations
  • 24/7 Customer Services
  • Fast Deliveries
Why Choose Dailymag

Why Choose Magnetic Door Lock from Dailymag?

Easy Installations

The magnetic door lock requires less time for installation. Produced in a surface-mounted design that perfectly befitted any public or private doors. 

Extremely Durable

Dailymag magnetic door lock is built from the highest-grade materials. Its powerful magnetic and locking mechanism does not wear out easily and ensures decades of service. 

Secure and Reliable

Our magnetic door lock provides extra strong holding force, suitable for large-sized buildings and companies, requiring stricter security and safety.

Wide Range of Compatibility

A magnetic door lock is designed and suitable for different types of doors. Whether you have single or double doors, inswing or outswing doors, automatic and sliding doors, this magnetic door lock is something perfect for you.


This magnetic door lock helps people to have quick and hassle-free access when entering the building. 


With this kind of magnetic lock, the needs for copies and keys are not necessarily required. The locking and unlocking function of this magnetic door lock is expeditious, making it become a more convenient and safe solution. 


Our magnetic door lock is less costly to purchase.

  • “Dailymag really impressed me with their professionalism and good dedication. You can trust them for all your magnetic door locks and other magnetic product needs. They are expert in designing and creating magnetic door lock that addresses your original design ideas”.

  • “Dailymag ensures that my orders reach me quickly and in good condition. All magnetic door locks are packed securely. Plus, their staff is very friendly and accommodating. They always ensure to give the best services and products. I salute for the services of Dailymag!”

  • “Tested for excellent quality! This magnetic door lock is solid, compact, and clean. The installation instructions are in order and easy to follow. Very professional services!”

Does Magnetic Door Locks Are Good?


Magnetic door locks are considered the most secured and reliable door locks that ever existed. 

It is built with superior strength, durability, and resistance.

These locks can be mounted in a wide variety of doors and are very quick to operate after installation.

The main benefit of this magnetic door lock is to eliminate the risk of losing items and minimizes security threats. 

How Does Magnetic Door Lock Work?

The magnetic door lock is designed with electromagnetic force.

Through this force, magnets will constantly stop doors from suddenly opening and keeps the doors shut at all times. 

The designed armature plate attached to a door and the magnetic to the frame also give a factor in keeping the door closed when required. 

However, the magnetic door lock can also have a control system access operated through devices that have the ability to allow or deny access permission.

How Strong is Magnetic Door Lock?

The magnetic door lock undoubtedly has the strongest resistant property. 

Its average holding capacity can withstand up to 1200 pounds of force or more. Perfect choice for heavy-duty applications and installations. 

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