Magnetic Wall Panels

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Dailymag Magnetic Wall Panel allows the user to show important information while keeping the great interior design.

Great for any location such as kitchen, office, garage, and kid’s room.



Dailymag Magnetic Wall Panel

The magnetic Wall panel allows changing the configuration of partition/wall with no mechanical apparatus required. It also provides building designers and users a greater versatility in changing partition panels as needed. The magnetic wall panel is designed to deliver an easy-to-install solution for information systems, wall coverings, and artwork. It can also be updated at any time. The components of the system are 100% PVC-free.

  • Available in steel brushed stainless steel in numerous color options
  • Uses magnets to display important papers – no damage guaranteed
  • Perfect for displaying documents, artwork, and pictures anywhere
Magnetic Airplane Activity Wall Panel
Magnetic Airplane Activity Wall Panel

The magnetic airplane activity wall panel is designed for little people. Perfect for homes, centers, and waiting rooms.

Magnetic Wall Panel Chalkboard
Magnetic Wall Panel Chalkboard

The magnetic wall panel chalkboard is fabricated from high-end magnetic porcelain steel. It is designed to work well with chalk markers.

Magnetic Wire Wall Grid Panel
Magnetic Wire Wall Grid Panel

The magnetic wire wall grid panel is designed for room decoration. It can be used for mental reminders in the study room or office.

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Magnetic Wall Panel Application

Dailymag magnetic wall panel is applicable to the following:

  • Office divider
  • Movable wall partitions for numerous spaces and buildings
  • Business or residential condominium unit partitions
  • Communication walls
  • Information system
  • Rapid-change graphics
  • Changeable artwork
  • Seasonal displays
  • Creative & interactive play areas
Magnetic Wall Panel Application

Magnetic Wall Panel Components

Base Layer
Base Layer
  • Option A: Used for a large coverage environment. A magnetic, high-strength iron-ore primer can be painted under the color wall of your choice.
  • Option B: Designed for small areas. Dailymag can recommend a two-sided, adhesive-backed magnetic base that conforms to the painted wall directly.
Mid-Layer Background
Mid-Layer Background
  • A magnetic receptive syn paper
  • Comes with a digitally printed background
  • Available materials include canvas film, bamboo film, dry erase film, polyeight film, etc.
Surface-Layer Overlay Graphics
Surface-Layer Overlay Graphics
  • A kind of magnetic receptive syn paper for décor and graphics
  • Can be cut into desired shapes
  • Available materials include liquid chalkboard film, traditional chalkboard film, bamboo film, dry erase film, etc.

Magnetic Wall Panel Specification

  • All come with ¼ inch rounded corner size
  • Sizes: 4×8, 4×6, 4×4, 2×8, 2×6, 2×4 inch
  • Available in steel, magnetic wet erase, or brushed stainless steel
  • Options: Square Corners with no holes or Rounded Corners with holes
  • Color Options for Steel: Bone White, Galvanized Steel, City Grey, Sierra Tan, Dark Bronze, Medium Bronze, Matte Black
  • Numerous Magnet Styles: Thumbtack, Hook, General Purpose, Large Heavy-Duty
  • Mounting
  • Magnetic Wet Erase Panels
  • Holes located in each corner
  • Steel Magnetic Panels
  • Brushed Stainless-Steel Magnetic Panels
  • No Magnetized Surface
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