Magnets for Guitar Pickups

Magnet guitar pickups are specifically designed to trap the vibrations of guitar strings and convert them into sensible forms of electrical signals.

In addition, these electrical signals can be easily translated into meaningful sounds that are produced in a certain rhythm. They have various advantages such as controlling the tonal variation in guitars.

Features to look for in Best Magnetic Pickup for Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Magnets
Guitar Magnets

Type of Pickup

The types of pickups in acoustic guitars vary depending on various factors such as personal wants, installation requirements as well as tastes and preferences.

As such, acoustic guitars are therefore classified into two major classifications either as transducers or pickups. In that case, buyers should therefore consider these factors before buying a particular type of acoustic guitar.


Magnetic guitar pickups have varied types of outputs depending on the purpose they are intended to serve. As such, this creates the need for critical examination of various magnetic pickup acoustic guitars to ascertain the best one that meets a particular set of wants.

Tonal Characteristics

Tonal variations exhibited by acoustic guitars may vary from one guitar to another depending on their distinct features. Just for the record, the tonal variations are a consequence of variability in terms of the frequencies of electrical signals produced. In that case, tonal characteristics should therefore be considered before acquiring an acoustic guitar.


The best magnetic pickup to be used in acoustic guitars should be compatible with a variety of acoustic guitar models.


The quality of acoustic guitars should be considered since they determine their lifespan as well as maintenance abilities. As such, pickups with the best quality should be considered since they guarantee durability.

Types of Magnets for Guitar Pickups

There are many magnet designs and options to choose from such as:

· Alnico Magnets for Guitar Pickups

They come in different forms such as Alnico 2, 3, 4 as well and 5 depending on the purpose a particular acoustic guitar is intended to serve. For instance, Alnico 2 is considered as the oldest version among the four.

Additionally, it has vintage advantages over the other types of Alnicos. On the other hand, Alnico 5 is considered the strongest among the four forms.

Alnico Magnets for Guitar Pickups
Alnico Magnets for Guitar Pickups

· Ceramic Pickup Magnets

 They are a cheaper alternative to Alnico magnets pickups therefore more popular than Alnico magnets. They similarly come in different types such as ceramic bar magnets as well as ceramic magnets. The most popular grades include 1, 5, and 8 in that the strength of the magnetic field increases with the increase in grade number.

Moreover, they are poised to be advantageous in the sense that they produce good sound and are less costly to purchase.

Ceramic Magnet Guitar Pickup
Ceramic Magnet Guitar Pickup

· Neodymium Magnets for Guitar Pickups

 They are contemporary inventions made in guitar pickups characterized by various properties such as high output, and good magnetic strength among others.

Neodymium magnets come in different types of grades such as N42SH, N42 as well as N52. It should be noted that heat resistance increases with the increase in the number of grades.

Neodymium Guitar Pickups
Neodymium Guitar Pickups

· Custom Magnets for Guitar Pickups

 As their name suggests, they are special types of pickups that have been designed to meet a specified purpose. In that case, they come in different types to satisfy a variety of individuals’ tastes and preferences.

Custom Guitar Pickups
Custom Guitar Pickups

Gauss Values for Guitar Magnets Pickups

The magnetic strength existing in a given area of the magnetic field in a guitar varies depending on the type of the guitar.

This is measured in units known as Gauss commonly denoted as G. It should be noted that various magnetic pickups possess different Gauss values. For instance, it is approximated that a standard Alnico magnet pickup has approximately 5000-7000 Gauss. On the other hand, one Gauss is also equivalent to one Tesla.

Magnet Rating for Guitar Pickups

Magnetic guitar pickup rating varies depending on several factors such as performance, quality as well and standard. For instance, Alnico magnets for guitar pickups have been poised to be suitable for various genres of music such as pop and jazz based on their performance. This is a result of their numerous functionality such as their capability to yield high outputs, effective mid-range as well as production of tight sounds.

How to Choose Magnetic Pickup for Resonator Guitar

· Type of Magnet

Various types of magnets can be employed in pickups for resonator guitars. For example, the most common type of magnets for pickups in resonator guitars are normally Alnico magnets. However, they are relatively more expensive than ceramic magnets but suitable for resonator guitars.

· Installation

A suitable magnetic pickup for a resonator guitar should be easy to install in that it can be done by any unprofessional individual.

· Budgets

Initial purchase budgets as well as maintenance costs should be considered in determining the best magnet for pickup in resonator guitars.

· Level of Output

Magnetic pickups can vary depending on the levels of their output. As such, one should consider their desired level of output in resonator guitars before settling for a given pickup.


In a nutshell, magnets play significant roles in guitar pickups since they convert meaningless guitar string vibrations into meaningful sounds. Furthermore, one should consider various factors such as tonal variations of pickups before purchasing magnets for pickups in guitars.

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