Microwave Magnets

Microwave Magnets

You may at one point have been hungry and needed a quick fix of food. You throw it inside a microwave and within minutes you have warm ready-to-eat food.

This is the magic that magnets can offer you when used inside a microwave. They are a major component of the magnetron that generates the microwave used to warm your food.

What Are Microwave Magnets

These magnets are normally shaped as rings or discs and are used to generate a magnetic field in a magnetron. A magnetron is the device that is responsible for producing microwaves inside your microwave oven.

Their main function in your microwave oven is initiate electron oscillatory motion from the anode to the cathode of the magnetron. This oscillation of the electrons is what gives you the microwaves in your microwave oven.

Working Principle of Microwave Magnets

The microwave magnets are components that make up the magnetron. This is the device that is responsible for creating the microwaves that heat the food in your microwave oven.

The components of this magnetron include two strong microwave magnets with an anode and central cathode blocks. This anode generates an oscillating electrical field while the cathode produces electrons.

The function of microwave magnets is to generate a strong magnetic field within the magnetron. Electrons are generated by the cathode when heat is passed through them.

These electrons move in a circular path when inside the magnetic field generated by the microwave magnets. This spiral motion of electrons brings about an electric field around the magnetron’s anode.

Standing waves are generated at the anode from this electron motion that eventually transforms into microwaves. The microwaves move from the magnetron into the microwave oven to heat your food.

Working Principle of Microwave Magnets
Strength of Microwave Magnets

Strength of Microwave Magnets

You may look at the microwave and relate their small size to weak magnets. On the contrary, the strength they possess may surprise you as much as they don’t look like it.

The microwave magnets are made from a very strong neodymium material. It is this rare earth material that your microwave uses to create a magnetic field.

The amount of their strength will largely be determined by the size of your magnet and what shape it is. If the magnet is very large with a well-balanced symmetry, then it will be stronger compared to a smaller one.

In a conventional microwave set-up, you will normally find a large magnet in the form of a ring or disc-like shape. As with all magnets, the further you move from microwave magnets, the weaker the magnetic field.

The power of these magnets will also depend on the power that your microwave possesses. If you have a high-powered microwave, then its magnets are very strong.

Maintaining Microwave Magnets

In as much as you will have almost zero chance of physically being in contact with these magnets, some maintenance is still necessary. Here are some of the ways that you can prolong their service life and efficiency:

  • One of the most widely known cautions of microwaves is to never place metals inside them when heating. These magnets in the microwaves generate electric fields that can heat any conductor.

Metals are conductors and can be rapidly heated by these electric fields. This may result in an accidental fire that is a safety hazard and may destroy your microwave oven.

  • You can occasionally open your microwave and clean the magnets with a damp cloth. This is because the magnets are prone to dirt and may also attract dirt and other foreign objects.

In short, microwave magnets are a very important component in the functioning of your microwave oven. You can also use these magnets to generate microwaves for use in radar technology.

You can only achieve the above when your microwave magnets are operating within a magnetron. Together with the magnetron’s anode and cathode, they can produce microwaves for various applications.

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