N35 Magnet Vs N52 Magnet: The Ultimate Comparison

Probably, you have come across the terms N35 magnets or N52 magnets. It is possible that you may have heard many refer to them as power magnets. This is very true in every aspect when mentioning Neodymium Magnets.

Meaning of “N” in N35 and N52

When studying Neodymium magnet, you will letter “N” just before the numbers. Usually, the letters refers to neo. Remember, in the magnets field, the neo is a short from of the word Neodymium.

So, any magnet with N as a prefix to a designated number simply means that the magnet you are dealing with is neodymium.

N35 Magnet

These are a type of rare earth magnets which play an integral role in the magnets industry. The N35 represents its neo series grade in terms of its strength in the high energy neodymium class.

In as much as its grading is lower than the N52 magnet, they can still be perfectly applied in very many places and work well.

Types of N35 Magnets
Types of N35 Magnets

N52 Magnet

The N52 grading means that it is the strongest in this series with maximum energy available. Due to their strength, they are usually on demand on high magnetic force applications like electric generators. MRI machines used in the medical industry also make great use of the N52 magnet.

Types of N52 Magnets
Types of N52 Magnets

Measuring the Strength of N35 vs N52 Magnets

We can easily determine the strength of these two magnets using two distinct parameters. Let us have a brief look at two of these ways namely:

· Magnetic Field Strength

We can define magnetic field strength as the total magnetic force that an object has when placed in a magnetic field. The unit of measurement is presented in Gauss.

Also pay attention to the magnetic flux density which is also another critical aspect in the magnetic field strength study.  Measured in Tesla, it is basically the quantity of magnetic flux at a particular point on the surface of a magnet.

To measure the magnet field strength, you can use an equipment called Gaussmeter. As a precaution, ensure that no other magnet can be found around the N35 or N52 magnet before measuring.

It’s a simple procedure, just place the meter on one of the magnets poles. The Gaussmeter needle will then display how much field strength the magnet contains.

· Pull Force

We can describe this as the total power needed to pull away the N35 or N52 magnet from another magnet. The SI unit can be expressed in either kilograms, pounds or in newtons.

When testing for the pull force, you can use a plate of steel that is roughly 0.5 inches thick. The N35 or N52 magnet is placed the steel plate center then attached to a hook.

The hook is placed in a Dynamometer that aims at separating the magnet and steel plate by pulling the magnet away slowly. The breakaway force is achieved when the magnet completely separates from the steel plate.

Different Magnet Shapes
Different Magnet Shapes

Comparing N35 to N52 Magnet (Key Performance Variables)


N35 Magnet

These magnets are known to contain a very high resistance to demagnetization besides being very powerful.  They are very vulnerable to corrosion and it is for this reason that they require to be coated to avert this.

Compared to N52, they are weak and if not carefully handle can readily break away form their point of application. They are also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and still retain the strength of their magnetic force.

The level of magnetization saturation enables them to be magnetized to very high degree levels. You can additionally magnetize them using other methods such as axial or multipole.

N52 Magnet

This magnet has very strong magnetic force that can be harnessed to create a strong magnetic field. This has the effect of strongly attracting magnetic materials.

The design of their size is far much compact when compared to other magnets having a similar magnetic power. This makes it very easy to be used in places where there is very minimal space.

This magnet has the ability to maintain its magnetic field for a long period of time, a characteristic called remanence. They also have the ability to maintain its magnetism over for long once they have been magnetized.

This makes its durability very reliable and dependable since its strength greatly relies on this. However, they also require a protective coating to protect them from corrosion and related chemical hazards.

Magnetic Strength

This comparison can be made for samples of the two magnets that have the same shape and size.  Therefore, the N52 magnet can attract and hold any magnetic object for longer than the N35 magnet. It is approximated to be around 40 to 50% higher than that of the N35.


Obtaining the materials to make the N52 magnet grade can be expensive compared to the N35 magnet because of the price of materials. This means that for both magnets having the same specifications, the N52 magnet will be costlier than N35 magnet.


When it comes to permanent magnets, the N52 magnet has the most superior magnetic properties of all of them. This means that compared to N35 magnet, it has a higher versatility.

For this reason, it can easily be applicable in many tasks that are challenging and complex. Such tasks may not be suitable for the N35 magnet.


When it comes to durability, all the magnets in the neodymium series are very durable. This is common in all rare earth magnets and means that N35 magnet and N52 magnet have almost similar durability.


When it comes to general applications, the performance of the N35 magnet is impeccable in a wide range. On the other hand, we have complex and special applications with stronger magnet demands.

Applications such as generators and any motor with a high-performance application require strong magnetic forces. N52 magnets can efficiently be used in such without any constraint.


The strength and properties of neodymium magnets increase with increase in their series number. With a high magnetic domain density, the N52 magnet is far much stronger than the N35 magnet.

This means that their energy production is at maximum. What differs them is the method used in their respective production processes.

The N52 magnet is subjected to very strong magnetic fields that unidirectionally align its domains. This results in the production of extremely strong magnetic forces compared to N32 magnets.

Choosing The Right Magnet Between N35 And N52



The availability of the N35 and N52 magnets varies on the market with N52 being hard to find due to its higher grade. You should ensure that the grade you need is easily available and factor in the sourcing time for the one that is hard to find.

Magnetic Stability

The N52 Magnet has the ability to sustain its magnetic for longer compared to the N35 Magnet. You should consider the stability of the magnet you want and the duration that the magnet is required to work.

Magnetic Field And Strength

You have to determine the magnetic strength you require from a magnet in order to pick the right one. For this, you have to critically look at the magnets holding force in addition to its field strength needed for your task.


The N35 Magnet is cheaper compared to the N52 Magnet since the higher the magnet grade, the costlier it is. You should opt for grade that balances with your budget while providing the strength required.

Safety Concerns

The strength of the magnet you choose has the ability to mess with the functions of the device it is installed in. This is a major safety concern especially on devices like pacemakers besides the fact that they are able to attract magnetic materials at high speeds.

As illustrated earlier, N52 is stronger than N35. Therefore, go for a magnet with enough strength to serve your purpose without any interference.

Size and Shape

The magnets shape and size need to be put into consideration especially regarding the area of application. It has to fit will with just the right weight such that it does not burden the device using it since some are brittle.

Key Magnet Variables
Key Magnet Variables


You now have a clear picture of the N35 and N52 Neodymium series grades of Magnet. Their characteristics have been laid out at length with the N52 Magnet emerging the superior between the two.

With their various applications outlined and the factors you consider when opting for either, you can easily make an informed choice. Depending on your application demands, you will definitely have the right magnet for your project.

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