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Rectangular Magnets Manufacturer in China

Neodymium Rectangular Magnets

Rectangular magnets are permanent magnets with rectangular shapes. They are extremely strong for their size. They are preferred over other magnet shapes because of their flat, straight edges and flat surfaces. Plus, the neodymium rectangular magnets are able to generate strong magnetic fields.

Because of their strength, neodymium rectangle magnets are commonly used in a variety of applications, including motors, MRI, magnetic stirrers, magnetic clamps, wind turbines, generators, magnetic therapy, and magnetic separation.

Dailymag has a comprehensive range of NdFeb-made rectangle magnets. Contact our team and request a quote for the magnets you need. Make sure to specify the quantity and any other relevant details.

Neodymium Rectangle Magnets Features

  • Material Grade: N35, 42, N45, N52
  • Tolerances: +/-0.002″, +/- 0.004”, +/- 0.008”
  • Coating: Nickel-coated, gold-coated, etc
  • Pulling force: 2 kg., 4 kg., 45 kg, depending on specs
  • Resistance to demagnetization
  • High magnetic strength
  • Easy to magnetize
  • Inexpensive

Standard Sizes Available ( L x W x T)

10mm x 5mm x 2mm, 10mm x 5mm x 1mm, 16mm x 8mm x 2mm, 20mm x 10mm x 2mm, 20mm x 10mm x 4mm, 20mm x 5mm x 2mm, 20mm x 10mm x 4mm, 25mm x 5mm x 3mm, 30mm x 10mm x 2mm, 30mm x 10mm x 3mm, 40mm x 10mm x 2mm, 40mm x 20mm x 4mm, 50mm x 10mm x 2mm, 50mm x 20mm x 2 mm, 60 x 20 x 2 mm, 70mm x 20mm x 2mm, 80mm x 20mm x 2 mm, 100mm x 20mm x 2mm

However, Dailymag can also produce neodymium rectangle magnets in custom sizes.

Industries We Serve

Manufacturing, engineering, research, renewable energy, consumer electronics and electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, etc.

In general, any industry that requires strong, durable, and versatile magnets is likely to use neodymium rectangle magnets at some point in their operations.

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