How to Remagnetize Fridge Door Seal

After years of using your fridge or freezer, you might notice a deterioration in the magnetism of the door seal. To remagnetize the seal or rubber gasket, you will simply employ a magnet to reestablish the seal’s magnetic field.

Magnetism and Fridge Door Seals

After you close your fridge, it is extremely important that the fridge door provides an impermeable seal. This ensures that the cold air in the refrigerator does not escape and hot air does not see the insides of the fridge. As a result, your fridge’s interior maintains a desirable temperature thereby mitigating excessive consumption of energy.

Fridge Door Seal
Fridge Door Seal

To provide an airtight seal, nearly all refrigerator doors are equipped with magnetic strips, which augment their sealing capabilities. The magnetic strip is often attached to the rubber on the edges of the fridge’s door. Typically, fridge door seals utilize ferromagnetic strips, which hardly lose their magnetic capabilities even in the absence of a magnetic field.

Magnetic Strip
Magnetic strip

Closing the refrigerator’s door brings the magnetic strip on the door in line with the metal band on the fridge’s body. This results in an airtight seal that holds cold air in the refrigerator whilst averting the entry of warm air. However, after prolonged use, the magnetic door seal may lose magnetism and this is when remagnetization comes in.

Why Your Fridge Door Seal May Lose Magnetism

Spoiled vegetables and warm beverages are some of the consequences of a fridge door seal that has lost its grip. This might arise as a consequence of multiple failings and here are some of the most common issues raised by users.

· Deterioration Caused by Ordinary Use

After years of continually using your refrigerator, you are likely to experience a loose grip on the door seal. This is primarily because there is constant friction every time you open and close the door.  The result of this is a weakened magnetic seal that may necessitate addressing to avert cold beverages and spoiled vegetables.

· Temperature Fluctuations

A fridge door seal is essentially exposed to extremely cold conditions when the fridge is closed and warmer temperatures when the fridge is opened. Exposure to cold air results in contraction of the magnetic strip whereas exposure to hot air brings about expansion. This continues stretching can pressure the seal ultimately leading to lessened magnetic capabilities. For a clearer understanding, you can liken this to how a plastic band loses its elasticity after continuous stretching.

· Dirt Buildup

Portions of products reserved in a fridge or freezer can at times form a cloud of dirt, which can eventually deter magnetic contact. The formed dirt layer may act as a barrier, which interferes with the magnetic connection between the door seal and the body of the fridge. Additionally, the grime buildup may also weaken the fridge’s ability to preserve cold air.

· Unsuitable Cleaning Agents

It is tremendously significant to always keep your fridge hygienic. However, caution must be exercised when cleaning the fridge to prevent unnecessary damage. For instance, using aggressive chemicals to clean the fridge door seal can break down the seal consequently weakening its sealing capability.

· Misaligned Door

In some instances, the rubber on the fridge’s door may be wrongly aligned resulting in gaps. When you close the door, you will not achieve an airtight seal and this lowers the efficiency of your fridge. Additionally, the magnetism of the seal may wear down faster owing to the unnecessary pressure placed on the fridge door seal.

Misaligned Door Seal
Misaligned Door Seal

Step-By-Step Process on How to Remagnetize a Fridge Door Seal

 Fridge magnet strip
Fridge magnet strip

For many, restoring the magnetic strength of a fridge door seal may feel like an uphill task but it is actually the opposite. You only need to follow the underlying step-by-step instructions and within no time, you will have a strong and airtight fridge door seal.

Step 1: Gather all Necessary Tools.

Before embarking on your fridge door seal remagnetization, it is recommended to first assemble all tools that may come in handy. First, you will need a pair of scissors to help remove the gasket and magnetic strips. Secondly, you will need clean water and soap to help clean the door seal. Finally, you will need strong magnetic strips to substitute the worn-out ones. You can easily access magnetic strips at a local store or online.

Step 2: Take Out the Seal and Cleanse it.

The fridge door seal lies on the interior frame of the fridge door. Before reviving the inbuilt magnetic strips, you should first remove the seal. To accomplish this, simply;

  • Power off the fridge and give it time to restore normal room temperature.
  • Peel off the seal by gripping one of the ends.
  • After peeling off the gasket, look for dirt and use clean water mixed with mild soap to clean it.
  • If you notice the seal is damaged, you can substitute it with a new one.

Step 3: Verify That the Problem is Indeed Magnetic.

You do not want to be solving a non-existent problem. It is therefore paramount that inspect the fridge door seal to come up with the right diagnosis. To determine whether the sealing problem is magnet-related, simply perform the paper test.

  • Pick a piece of paper and insert it in the space between the gasket and the main fridge.
  • Whilst the refrigerator is still closed, try pulling out the paper.
  • If you experience some opposition or resistance, there is a high chance the magnets are still effective. However, little resistance should tell you that you need to remagnetize the gasket.

Step 4: Remagnetize the Fridge Door Seal.

Having established that the problem is indeed weaker magnetic strips, you can proceed to revive the gasket. To remagnetize the seal, grab more robust magnets such as neodymium magnets, and pass them across the seal’s magnetic strip. Simply follow the following process to avoid destructing the magnets.

  • Inversely merge the stronger magnets such that you have the south pole of one magnet attached to the north pole of the adjacent magnet.
  • Move the merged magnets across the entire fridge door seal in a single direction. You can repeat this process severally.
  • Run a small metallic strip across the remagnetized gasket to test if the revival worked. If the metal strip is repelled, you can consider buying a new door seal.

How to Prolong the Magnetic Capabilities and Effectiveness of a Fridge Door Seal?

  • Always clean the door seal softly using a tender cloth and soapy water to expel dirt.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning agents like chemicals which can damage the magnetic capabilities of the seal. It is recommended that you use soapy water and a soft cloth.
  • Always perform checks on the door seal to establish any signs of wear.
  • Ensure that the main part of the fridge and the fridge door are always aligned perfectly.
  • Do not overstuff the refrigerator.


Although restoring magnetic properties of fridge door seal is a straightforward process, you must follow the recommended maintenance processes. Also, by knowing possible causes of demagnetization, your fridge will serve you for a long time.

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