Roller Coaster Magnets

Roller Coaster Magnets

There is a lot that goes into roller coasters when we talk about their design and functionality. Such a discussion is incomplete if we don’t mention how significant magnets are to the set-up.

You can put them into use to serve various functions such as speed control and braking. You will require very strong magnets for such due to the magnitude of the load that you are dealing with.

What Are Roller Coaster Magnets

We can describe roller coaster magnets as very strong magnets and electromagnets that aid the roller coaster in its operations. You will find the permanent magnets placed on the rail tracks and the electromagnets placed on the roller coaster’s body.

The permanent magnets are responsible for generating a magnetic field that reacts with the electromagnets. On the other hand, the electromagnets propel the roller coaster using their magnetic field coupled with the permanent magnets.

Best Magnets for Roller Coaster Application

You will find very many variants of permanent magnets that you can use on your roller coaster. What matters most is how strong their attraction and repulsion capabilities are.

When we talk about permanent magnets, we refer to a magnet that retains its induced magnetic charge without a magnetizing agent. The most common and widely used magnets for roller coaster applications are the Neodymium magnets.

This is so far the strongest magnet in the world a very strong super holding power. Their intensity of attraction and repulsion can efficiently serve the best purpose in your roller coaster system.

However, you can find other equally strong magnets such as ferrite or samarium cobalt magnets. Your choice of such will depend on your system requirements and their cost.

Functions of Roller Coaster Magnets

It is a known fact that very strong magnets have very high attraction and repelling abilities. In addition to the durability, these are some of the traits of roller coaster magnets that we consider for many applications.

Let us dive into how well we can put roller coaster magnets to good use:

· Roller Coaster Acceleration

You have probably seen roller coasters accelerating rapidly up a steep slope instead of having a gradual climb. All this is thanks to the roller coaster magnets that can generate any form of acceleration despite the roller coaster’s inclination.

These magnets undergo what we call electromagnetic propulsion. We have magnets beneath the roller coaster and on the rail track that they locomote on.

You introduce an electric impulse on these two sets of magnets that makes them repel instead of attracting each other. This propulsion is so strong that it can propel the roller coaster from 0-100m/h within seconds.

· Roller Coaster Braking System

Besides propelling roller coasters at high speeds, you can as well use these magnets as a braking mechanism. These permanent magnets can bring your roller coaster to a halt without any energy input.

This means that they can still operate even in the event of a power blackout. The roller coaster has a magnetic component called a fin that is located beneath it.

When the fin comes near the permanent magnet on the rail tracks, its magnetic fields start acting in the opposite direction of its motion. This gradually slows down the roller coaster and smoothly brings it to a halt.

Benefits of Roller Coaster Magnets

Roller coaster magnets can give you an edge over conventional rail roller coasters. The magnetic technology ensures that you get a seamless operation with a myriad of benefits.

Here is a list of some of the advantages you can get from these magnets:

· Silent and Smooth Operations

When using roller coaster magnets, you typically minimize moving contact points in the system like chains. This greatly reduces the operational noise and the vibrations that come with contact parts.

The result is a very comfortable and smooth ride on your roller coaster. This is unlike the rattling noises you would experience in a traditional chain roller coaster.

· High Speeds with Efficient Braking

Electromagnetic propulsion enables the roller coaster to achieve very high speeds in a very short time. Such mind-blowing speeds are exactly what you need if want to experience the real thrill of roller coasters.

On the other hand, the magnetic repulsion can serve you very well in bringing the roller coaster to a stop. This process is usually smooth and gradual with minimal vibrations and noise.

· Improved Safety

You know the importance of safety in roller coasters and the roller coaster magnets can offer you exactly that. You can easily regulate the speed and position of the roller coaster remotely therefore reducing any safety risks.

· Design Freedom

Traditional roller coaster designs were based on fixed tracks with very little flexibility and design freedom. With magnetic roller coasters, you can have unlimited twists and turns that enhance your riding experience.

· Environmentally Friendly

Magnetic propulsion is a modern technology that eliminates the need for fossil fuels that negatively impact the environment. You have an eco-friendly operation with a reduced carbon footprint.

How to Choose a Magnet For Roller Coaster

You will find very many magnets in the market that come in various shapes and sizes. Here are a few pointers you can consider when sourcing the best magnet for your roller coaster:

· Magnetic Strength

The magnetic strength of your roller coaster magnet should be extremely high. Its pull and repulsion strength are their main operation aspect when you apply them to your roller coaster.

Go for a magnet having a very high Tesla. This means that it will be strong enough to withstand the operational requirements of your roller coaster.

· Size of the Magnet

The size of your roller coaster magnet is determined by the design specifications of your project. However, for this application, you will require large heavy-duty magnets even though they will cost you a bit more.

· Shape of the Magnet

Magnets are found in various shapes such as discs, cubes, or even bars. Roller coasters specifically use bar magnets unless you have custom-made modifications on your roller coaster design.

· Magnet Material

We have magnets made from various materials with distinct magnetic properties such as samarium cobalt, neodymium, or ferrite. In as much as neodymium has the best qualities for your roller coaster applications, your options are not limited to it.

In short, we have seen how important magnets are to the roller coaster system. You may use different types of magnets but it will all boil down to their attraction and repulsion capabilities.

Furthermore, roller coaster magnets are durable and you will carry out very minimal maintenance procedures on them. This will reduce your overall operation costs in addition to guaranteeing you safety and seamless operations.

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