Testing Gold and Silver with a Magnet

Testing Gold And Silver With A Magnet

Although magnets cannot determine whether gold or silver are 100% pure materials, they can give you a clue. The information here is based on whether or not gold and silver are attracted to magnets.

When both gold and silver are attracted to a magnet, this indicates that they both have traces of metal like iron in them. In this case, it implies the material is not pure.

Is Gold Magnetic?

Gold is a non-magnetic material. It is in pure form and is mostly known as a diamagnetic material. That is to say – when gold is subjected to strong magnetic field, it will experience a repulsive effect.

Is Gold Magnetic
Is Silver Magnetic

Is Silver Magnetic?

Just like gold, silver is a non-magnetic material. Although silver is a metal, it does not exhibit any inherent magnetic properties. So, if someone claims a material is pure silver, but it has some magnetic properties – certainly, that material has some impurities.

Testing Fake Gold and Silver with Magnets

Magnetism occurs in materials that have odd numbers of electrons thus magnets can’t be used in gold and silver since they lack odd numbers of electrons.

Gold and silver are categorized as metal and most metals are highly attracted to metal. Therefore, if either gold or silver is attracted to magnets, then certainly there are other elements with ferromagnetic properties.

Both gold and silver are not ferromagnetic due to their lack of iron, nickel, and cobalt in them thus making them not to have any reaction when placed near a magnet.

Testing fake gold and silver with magnets is not usually hard since both gold and silver are in pure form and cannot be magnetic.

Testing Fake Gold and Silver with Magnets
Testing Gold with Magnets

Testing gold with magnets helps to detect whether the gold is pure or has any other traces of metal. Pure gold is not attracted by magnets.

Testing Silver with Magnets

Silver does not contain any significant magnetic properties and it is nonferrous metal. Therefore, subjecting silver to magnet should have no effect.

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