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Threaded Magnets

A threaded magnet is a particular type of magnet that you can adjust by turning the threaded mechanism. It consists of a single magnet surrounded by its housing, with the rotating shaft or core passing through its very middle.

This way, you have the power to determine the intensity and location of the magnetic field just by rotating the threaded core. Basically, it’s a magnet with the screwdriver capability that you can adjust its magnetic properties according to your needs.

Types of Threaded Magnets

Magnets with Internal Thread

It allows for screwing a bolt or rod into the magnet. That is, it has an internal hole with threads. Such configuration increases stability and guarantees a safe mount for different purposes via sophisticated designs. It provides versatility and ease of use because it enables quick and hassle-free incorporation of systems that require threaded connections.

Magnets with External Thread

Here, the magnet comes with external threads that help you screw directly into the threaded hole. This design avoids the need for extra hardware and makes installation easier. It looks for compact and sleek solutions that can save space while also highlighting beauty. Also, external threads will bear heavier loads and enable the instrument to have uninterrupted functionality even in harsh conditions.

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Magnetic Field in Threaded Magnet

When electricity flows through the magnet’s coil, it generates a magnetic field. It’s the magnet’s strength and torque that are primarily dependent on the orientation and depth of this magnetic dipole. This threaded magnet design is made to enable operators to adjust the strength of the magnetic field by changing the magnet position or configuration.

Threaded Mechanism Function

The threaded mechanism within the magnet allows you to adjust the magnetic field by rotating the threaded core. When you change the position of the magnet, you change the distance between the magnet’s components. Consequently, the intensity and direction of the magnetic field are affected. You do this by twisting the thread, actively controlling magnet properties for full specificity to your needs.


  • Magnetic clamping systems
  • Robotics and automation
  • Magnetic fasteners.
  • Mounting objects (lights, cameras, signs)
  • Retrieving objects from hard-to-reach places
  • Securing doors and cabinets
  • Holding tools and equipment
  • Creating adjustable magnetic assemblies

Advantages of Threaded Magnets

· Adjustable Strength

You can precisely control the strength of the magnetic field by tuning the threaded mechanism. This characteristic makes it possible to adjust the magnet’s performance accurately according to different settings or environments.

· Enhanced Stability

Magnetized thread is much more reliable because of the proximity of support to the ends and the various adjustable configurations. This stability provides accurate and steady performance even in harsh environments, thereby eliminating the risk of displacement or failure.

· Versatility in Applications

Threaded magnets are versatile due to their customized force and stability. It is not surprising to find them applied to different industries. Working with magnetic clamping systems in manufacturing or robotics and fasteners in everyday devices. Their multifunctional ability allows them to meet much broader needs rather than purpose-specific ones.

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