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Magnetic Tools Manufacturer in China

Dailymag offers a large selection of magnetic tools for various applications. We used a variety of magnets such as ceramic, rare earth, electromagnets, and more.




Magnetic Sweepers

  • Magnetic Road Sweepers
    Magnetic Road Sweepers

    Magnetic road sweepers are commonly used for sweeping large areas such as factory floors, parking lots, and more. They are usually attached to forklifts, trucks, automobiles, and so on.

  • Magnetic Floor Sweepers
    Magnetic Floor Sweepers

    The magnetic floor sweepers are great for picking up steel and iron particles from driveways, floors, and other places. Ceramic magnets are the standard magnets used for magnetic floor sweepers.

  • Handheld Magnetic Sweepers
    Handheld Magnetic Sweepers

    The handheld magnetic sweepers can be used for attracting small ferrous items such as metal shards, screws, nails, building debris, and more. They are ideal for warehouses, construction sites, etc.

Magnetic Pick-Up Tools

  • Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
    Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

    The telescopic magnetic pick-up tools are extendable and can retrieve parts from hard-to-reach areas. They have a pen style clip.

  • Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
    Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

    The flexible magnetic pick-up tools are lightweight and can locate dropped pins, bits, and needles easily. They have a powerful NdFeB magnet.

  • Magnetic Pick-Up Rod
    Magnetic Pick-Up Rod

    Magnetic pick-up rods can easily pick up small metal accessories such as screws, nuts, bolts, etc. They have extensibility and telescopic design.

Sectors That Use Magnetic Tools

Many businesses all across are using magnetic tools to solve common problems, improve safety, and save money and time.

Our magnetic tools are used by many warehouses, workshops, fabrication, welding, and machine shops. OEM machine builders and precision engineers also benefit from using magnetic tools.

Sectors That Use Magnetic Tools
Types of Industrial Magnetic Tools

Types of Industrial Magnetic Tools

  • Magnetic Sweepers – Magnetic floor sweepers, self-cleaning sweepers, shop sweepers, etc.
  • Holding Magnets & Shop Tools – Magnetic print holders, screw & nail holders, magnetic tie downs, and many more.
  • Inspection & Pick-Up Tools – Long-reach retrievers, magnetic inspection mirrors, grabber tools, and pick-up tools, and more.
  • Lifting Devices & Accessories – Vertical lift adapters, lifting pad eyes, load control magnets, spreader beams, and so on.
  • Magnets for Picking Metal in Liquids – Coolant filters, dip tank magnets, and more.


Fixed Shaft Pick-up Tools

We manufacture different types of fixed shaft pick-up tools such as:

  • Key chain retriever.
  • Pen-sized magnetic tool with a durable clip holds the magnet firmly in the pocket.
  • Screwdriver with a pocket clip and a magnet on the other end.
  • Reversible precision ground carbide tip scribe with a magnet on end.
Fixed Shaft Pick-up Tools
Other Magnetic Tools We Manufacture

Other Magnetic Tools We Manufacture

Magnetic Rails Multilifts
Bipolar Assemblies Multilift Tubular Hand Magnets
Rotary Tank Tool Welding Fixtures
Permanent Lifting Magnets Punch Press Feeders
Heavy-Duty Tank Tools Magnetic Claw
Magnetic Blocks Magnetic Squaring Guide
Permanent Magnet Sheet Steel Floaters Custom Magnetic Tool

Retail & Display Applications

Dailymag offers a variety of magnetic tools for retail and display applications such as:

  • magnetic retrieval tools
  • magnetic bases
  • magnetic welding clamps
  • magnetic pick-up tools
  • magnetic lifters

These tools are proven to make your working day more profitable and easier.

Retail & Display Applications

Let Your Business Grow with Dailymag Magnetic Tools!

We supply a wide variety of magnetic tools that allow you to save money and time and increase safety in your daily operations.

As a professional manufacturer, we can provide high-quality magnetic tools at competitive prices! We offer high-quality magnetic workshop tools such as swarf wands, tool racks, simple pot magnets, and magnetic signage. Magnetic welding clamps, bases, chucks, and other magnetic tools for your OEM project are also offered by Dailymag at affordable prices.

Magnetic Tool Types

Magnetic Tool Holder
Magnetic Tool Holder

Magnetic tool holders are used for making your hand tools easy to access and keeping them more organized. They can be mounted on workbenches, walls, ladders, etc. Magnetic tool holders are great for holding:

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Other metal items
Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

The magnetic pick-up tools are used for collecting items that are too small to be picked up by hand or out of your reach. They are incorporated with magnets in order to help you pick up small metal items such as:

  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Ferrous metal parts and more
Magnetic Clamping Plate
Magnetic Clamping Plate

Magnetic clamping plates are a common type of mounting accessory widely used in the metal processing sector.

Using permanent magnets, the determination of even extremely thin parts without the need for energy is enabled.

Red-Painted Magnets
Red-Painted Magnets

Permanent red-painted magnets are commonly used for different kinds of industrial applications. As an example, they are used as tools for:

  • Hoisting, transporting, and separating
  • Welding, mounting, and clamping
Magnetic Sheet Separator
Magnetic Sheet Separator

The magnetic sheet separator features permanent magnets.

They are used for separating the steel sheets individually from one another in the stack. Separating steel sheets can occasionally be challenging and time-consuming, that is why a sheet separator is used.

Lifting Magnets
Lifting Magnets

Lifting magnets are used for moving or lifting different kinds of ferrous metal objects. They are also known as a magnetic lifter. Permanent magnets such as neodymium are used. They have various lifting capacities such as:

  • 500 kg
  • 300 kg
  • 1000 & 2000 kg

Optimize Your Project with the Magnetic Tools from Dailymag!

Dailymag is a manufacturer that offers magnetic tools with guaranteed high performance and high-quality craftsmanship. We have been a leader in magnet design for more than 17 years.

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