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Dailymag - Magnetizer Demagnetizer Manufacturer in China

Dailymag is a professional manufacturer of magnetizer-demagnetizer that are designed for durability, ease of use, and dependability. The precise dimensions and thoughtful design will enable you to complete the task swiftly and effectively. It is constructed from high-quality components and the most recent engineering techniques to endure for several decades.



Dailymag Magnetizer Demagnetizer

The magnetizer demagnetizer refers to a powerful magnet used for magnetizing and demagnetizing steel tools and other small ferrous parts. The structural concepts come in simple yet powerful and enduring designs. It is a very compact, handy, and highly functional tool responsible for converting any tool blade into a magnetic retrieval tool—making them either magnetic or non-magnetic depending on the particular needs and usage. This is very effective for tricky projects and applications. Furthermore, this becomes the reason why it is initially signed for certain fields, such as automotive, aerospace, architecture, construction, etc.

Dailymag offers a variety of magnetic tools which are highly advantageous for industrial and home-based projects. Our magnetizer demagnetizer is produced through a state-of-the-art engineering and high-precision designs. That provides resistance property and compatibility for any field of applications and projects, from the simplest to complicated ones. For your particular designs and specifications, please do not hesitate to contact our team for assistance.

Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Small Tools
Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Small Tools
  • A tool that fits in a pocket.
  • Enclosed in a thick plastic box.
  • Small hand tools like screwdrivers are perfect for use as magnetizers and demagnetizers.
Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Screwdrivers
Magnetizer Demagnetizer for Screwdrivers
  • Small-sized tool magnetizers and demagnetizers are suitable for use.
  • Perfect manual tool for holding screwdriver bits, keys, screws, etc.
  • Both working indoors and outside.
Magnetizer Demagnetizer Magnetic Pick Up Tool
Magnetizer Demagnetizer Magnetic Pick Up Tool
  • Tools can be demagnetized with the use of a special magnet.
  • 100% brand-new and of a high caliber.
  • Simple to use, no batteries or electricity needed.
Magnetizer Demagnetizer Tips Screw Magnetic
Magnetizer Demagnetizer Tips Screw Magnetic
  • With a high level of safety.
  • Stable and trustworthy for extended use.
  • Practical and incredibly convenient.
Screwdriver Tools Magnetizer Demagnetizer
Screwdriver Tools Magnetizer Demagnetizer
  • Developed to provide great wear resistance and an optimal lifespan.
  • Ultimate in comfort, convenience, and usability.
Magnetizer Demagnetizer 2 in 1 Tool Magnetic
Magnetizer Demagnetizer 2 in 1 Tool Magnetic
  • Color: Yellow, black, green, orange, red, etc.
  • The right tools to complete the job are practical and effective.
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Magnetizer Demagnetizer Performance Quality and Benefits

  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces screw loss.
  • Batteries or electricity are not necessarily required.
  • Perfectly fitted with most screwdrivers or tools.
  • Provides immediate magnetization and demagnetization with single and easy swipe operations.
  • Get the job and task done fast.
  • Known for durability and impressive performance.
  • Reliable for a fast, ultra-strong, long-lasting charge.
  • Sturdy body components built for long-lasting use.
  • Highly innovative and functional.
  • High resistance property.
Magnetizer Demagnetizer Performance Quality and Benefits
Magnetizer Demagnetizer Structural Properties

Magnetizer Demagnetizer Structural Properties

The magnetizer demagnetizer is initially based on two magnets and characterized by the following properties:

  • Spatially separated.
  • Mounted in housing —- one permanent magnet is located below, while the other permanent magnet is located below the secondary opening.
  • Both magnets are designed with different charges. The upper magnet has a positive charge (+) only for magnetizing. While on the contrary, the other magnet below has a negative charge (–) intended for demagnetizing.
  • They face each other with the same polarization. Therefore, rejecting each other.

Magnetizer Demagnetizer Working Principle

The magnetizer demagnetizer is a very useful tool for tricky projects or tasks. The following are the proper ways of using magnetizer demagnetizer and how it works:

  • In magnetizing, slide the tool in and out for multiple times to the positive (+) opening. This will make the tool create a new uni-directional magnetic field that is strong enough to respond in picking an object. 
  • On the other hand, to do demagnetizing, slide the tool in and out on the lowest step of the negative (–) opening. Its purpose is to create an irregular magnetic field, which results in the magnetic field disappearing into the tool which is also safe for sensitive electronics. 

Dailymag Magnetizer Demagnetizer Manufacturing Advantages

  • Excellent Quality

Dailymag is known to have the best and quality-oriented magnetizer demagnetizer production line. We manufacture ergonomic standard professional-quality magnetic tools that give reliable investment and long-lasting functionality. 

  • Safety 

We manufacture our magnetizer demagnetizer in compliance with the highest ISO 9001 and standard testing for safety. It is designed which promotes extra safety especially in doing critical projects and tasks. 

  • High Innovation

Dailymag has a long decade of history of craftsmanship and innovation for magnetizer demagnetizers. We undertake fundamental considerations and meticulous design decision-making which makes our product to be highly functional in any field.

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