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Linear Actuator Manufacturer in China

  • Precise movement
  • Extensive load capacity
  • Wide stroke length options
  • Great position accuracy
  • Quick positioning
  • High Rigidity
  • Competitive price
  • Integrable
  • Compact design
  • Smart and innovative actuator
  • Long service life

Reliable Manufacturer of Linear Actuators – Dailymag

A motored device that allows linear movement, linear actuators provide a push & pull function. As you apply voltage to a linear actuator’s motor, the shaft goes out or back when reverse. Linear Actuator comes in extensive shaft length stroke and is ideal to use for any linear motion application. It is usually found in beds, electric wheelchairs, couches, robots, toy cars, etc.

Some of the linear actuators have a protection mechanism to prevent the shaft from over-extending itself, a diode stop current from flowing when the shaft reaches its extension limits. And with this situation, you can only reverse it back the other way.

At Dailymag, there are a couple of different variations you can look out for when you need linear actuators for your application. We can offer standard linear actuators or an actuator with a motor controller inside for easy control. You can choose your ideal stroke lengths, speeds, and power capacities. If you need linear actuators solution with specific details, customization is also acceptable.

Mini Linear Actuator
Mini Linear Actuator
IP66 Linear Actuator
IP66 Linear Actuator
Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator
Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator
Hall Effect Sensor Actuator
Hall Effect Sensor Actuator
Micro Linear Actuator
Micro Linear Actuator
Waterproof Linear Actuator IP68M
Waterproof Linear Actuator IP68M
Mini Industrial Actuator
Mini Industrial Actuator
Feedback Linear Actuator
Feedback Linear Actuator
Feedback Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator
Feedback Heavy-Duty Linear Actuator
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Dailymag Linear Actuators Advantages

  • Easy to command – we offer linear actuators with a built-in motor controller which you can launch a pulse command and it will travel wherever you dictate (halfway, 20%, 80%, 100%, etc.).

    Strong – Dailymag can provide linear actuators with a max. pushing force of 25,000 N, max. and load force of 15,000 N.

    High speed – we can provide high maximum speed for linear actuators.

    IPX6 rating almost all of our linear actuator is rated IPX6 which not only resist heavy water sprays but can also resist high-pressure water.

Linear Actuators in Different Business Areas
Linear Actuator Advantage

Extensive Field Using Linear Actuators

  • Home
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Farms
  • Factories
  • Robotic

A Complete Linear Actuators Solutions

Dailymag not only proffers linear actuators with lifting columns but also offer a control system and accessories for more precise and efficient operations. We can provide you with actuator footswitches, actuator handsets, actuator computer software, actuator desk control, and others.



High Quality Solutions
Dailymag Linear Actuators
Max. Lifting Capacity 3500N, 6000N, Custom
Max. Thrust 750N, 2500N, 3500N, 5000N, 6000N, 6800N, 8000N, 10000N, 12000N, 15000N, Custom
Max. Speed 9mm/s, 10mm/s, 13mm/s, 20mm/s, 22mm/s, 25mm/s, 30mm/s, 35mm/s, 40mm/s, 45mm/s, 65mm/s, 168mm/s, Custom
Stroke Length 19-600mm
Rating IPX6
Linear Actuators
Mechanical With this type, a rotary movement transforms into a linear movement. Powered by a screw mechanism, either roller or ball screw type.
Hydraulic It is powered by using oil or other hydraulic fluid(pressurized). This hydraulic linear actuator is an ideal solution for any applications which required high force and tight control.


Pneumatic An electric compressor is a usual device used to power up a pneumatic actuator. If you looking for an actuator that only requires less than 100PSI pressure, a pneumatic actuator can be your ideal choice.


Piezoelectric a type of actuator that through the piezoelectric effect, converts the energy(electric) to stress or mechanical displacement. These piezoelectric actuators allow a very low power consumption. It is usually used in scientific applications.
Electric Linear Actuator
Parallel Spur gears drove, greater loads & speed range
Right Angle An L-shaped linear actuator (electric)
In-Line Driven by planetary gears and provides a long-retracted length
Dual Engines Has 2 motors that work in different directions. Provides quite a motion
Sliding W/out using the outer tube, this type of actuator empowers a linear motion
Geared Motor A compact type of electric actuator that allows excellent mechanical coordination.
Variable High Columns Electrical linear actuators which provide vertical motion (pushing high loads)
Load Category
Low Load Up to 2000 Newton Up to 450 Pounds Force
Mid Load 2001 to 6670 Newton 450 to 1500 Pounds Force
High Load 6670 to 25000 Newton 1500 to 5620 Pound Force
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