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N48 Magnets

N48 belongs to neodymium grade magnets. These N48 neodymium magnets have a strong magnetic pull force that is better than N45, N42, and other neodymium grades. N48 magnets may not be the strongest neodymium grade but it has a low brittleness characteristic (not easy to break) compared to higher grade such as N50 and N52.

With the ability to project magnetic fields, these strong N48 neodymium magnets can still pull/hold any magnetic objects through some barriers such as acrylics, cardboard, cloths, rubber, etc. The non-invasive essences of N48 neodymium magnets make them suitable tools for producing different products like fridge magnets, magnetic calendars, etc.

Dailymag offers N48 neodymium magnet grades according to your specific requirements & needs.

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N48 Magnet Forms

Disc Magnet Sphere Magnet Ring Magnet
Rectangular Magnet Magnetic Bar Cylinder Magnet
Magnetic Sheet Trapezoid Magnet Arc Magnet
Cube Magnet Countersunk Magnet Magnetic Strip
Magnetic Balls Pot Magnet Block Magnet

Wide Uses of N48 Magnet

  • Compasses– magnet plays a big role in compass devices to have an accurate function. Magnet pulls the needle to point in the north direction.
  • Toys – some of the kid’s toys are equipped with an N48 magnet. The best example of this is the building blocks and magnetic balls.
  • Medical – some medical clinics and hospitals’ equipment devices are equipped with N48 neodymium magnets, it includes MRI machines, TMS machines, etc.
  • Fridge Magnets– considered one of the common uses of magnets. It helps you to attach bill statements and other important reminders.
  • Household Appliance – some household appliances use magnets. Speakers, microwaves, and refrigerators, all use magnets.
  • Industrial Machinery– enable to electric motors keep moving, the presence of magnets is necessary. Vehicles that pick up scrap metals (sometimes cars) use large & strong neodymium magnets.

N48 Magnet Coating Selection

    1. Nickel
    2. Chromium
    3. Zinc
    4. Gold
    5. Epoxy
    6. Silver
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