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Dailymag supplies a wide range of square magnets available in many sizes and thicknesses. No minimum order quantity is guaranteed!




Dailymag Square Magnet

The square magnet is an alternative to circular discs, which provides clean edges and straight lines. It is designed with a satisfying and different visual appearance. The square magnet provides a wider surface area compared to the same diameter of circular magnets. Typically, this magnet is used in many applications such as crafts, model making, and manufacturing.

Dailymag manufactures a wide range of square magnets. You can select from our smallest 3mm x 3mm x 3mm to the largest 50mm x 50mm x 25mm at a competitive rate. Dailymag is an OEM and ODM provider of square magnets to meet your different specifications. Excellent customer service, after-sale service, and fast shipping guaranteed!

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Neodymium Square Magnet
Neodymium Square Magnet

Our neodymium square magnet is available in range of sizes and colors. It provides excellent performance to different materials with the same volume.

Ferrite Square Magnet
Ferrite Square Magnet

The ferrite square magnet is an effective solution for users that require magnets to accommodate a wide surface area. Commonly found in high-temperature applications.

Samarium Cobalt Square Magnet
Samarium Cobalt Square Magnet

The samarium cobalt square magnet is a great solution for applications that require high temperature. This magnet provides excellent corrosion-resistant.

Flexible Square Magnet
Flexible Square Magnet

Dailymag offers a large range of flexible square magnets that vary in finish, size, color, strength and fixing to match your requirements. These magnets are widely used for crafts, signage, etc.

Square Magnet for Office
Square Magnet for Office

Our square magnets for the office are available in bright colors and styles. They are perfect for creating displays, brainstorming, and holding important information.

Separation Square Magnet
Separation Square Magnet

Our separation square magnet is manufactured for ferrous debris removal and ensuring items are properly filtered and contaminant-free.

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Square Magnets by Application

  • Square Magnets for Glass Wipe Board
    Square Magnets for Glass Wipe Board

    These are manufactured using toughened glass and will bring efficiency, style, and design to every workplace.

  • Square Magnet for Craft & Model Making
    Square Magnet for Craft & Model Making

    These are a perfect device for different model making enthusiast and avid craft maker due to their discreet and secure fixing.

  • Square Magnet for Kitchen & Fridge
    Square Magnet for Kitchen & Fridge

    These magnets are an ideal solution to hold important information and display photos with ease.

  • Square Magnet Therapy
    Square Magnet Therapy

    Our square magnet therapy is manufactured with the concept of the perceived ability to lessen pain due to its magnetic field that passes through the skin.

  • Retail Display Square Magnets
    Retail Display Square Magnets

    Our retail display square magnets are designed to capture customers’ attention. It ensures a secure hold for different displays, providing a stylish hold with ease.

  • Generator Square Magnet
    Generator Square Magnet

    Our generator square magnets provide a high level of performance to ensure maximum and efficient performance for specific applications.

Available Colors for Square Magnet

Dailymag square magnet is a colorful, strong addition to glass board with a soft-touch finish. Our square magnet is available in vibrant colors, such as:

  • White, Satin Silver, Gray
  • Yellow, Orange, Red
  • Purple, Blue, Green
  • Gun Metal and Jet Black
Available Colors for Square Magnet
Square Magnet Application

Square Magnet Application

  • Sensors
  • Consumer Products
  • Holding Applications
  • Manufacturing
  • Craft

What is Square Magnet?

The square magnet has a uniform magnetic field and can be produced in any thickness. It is widely used in consumer products, sensors, and holding applications.

Do Square Magnets Are the Strongest?

The strongest and most iconic magnet is the horseshoe. Horsehoe is a letter U-like shape with the poles directing in opposite ways. This type of magnet has the strongest magnetic field.

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